The famous Champagne celebrates its 150th anniversary.

The famous Champagne celebrates its 150th anniversary.Moët Imperial

A bottle is opened every second somewhere in the world, and this year Moët Impérial is celebrating a significant milestone.

The iconic Champagne turns 150 and to mark the occasion there is a limited edition anniversary bottle, complete with a newly designed gift box and a tweak to the logo.

First shipped in 1869, Moët Impérial was christened ‘Impérial’ as a tribute to Napoléon 1st. (It was actually Napoléon who invented sabrage, the act of opening Champagne with a sword - a custom that is still practised today.)

A Moët & Chandon Champagne pyramid

A Moët & Chandon Champagne pyramid

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The instantly-recognisable bottle has been a staple at many global events and cultural moments. In 1967 racing champion Dan Gurney sprayed champagne from the winner’s podium at Le Mans, starting a tradition which sees winners celebrate with Moët Impérial on the world’s racing podiums. It was also a favourite amongst stars at iconic US nightclub Studio 54 in the 1970s, and a certain Marilyn Monroe reportedly once took a bath in Moët Impérial (it took 350 bottles to fill it, the story goes).

Three types of grapes - pinot noir, pinot Meunier and Chardonnay - are used in the Champagne, with bottles being aged for at least 15 months. And there are about 49 million bubbles and 1.2kg of grapes in each 750ml bottle! 

According to the house, the best way to drink Moët is to serve it between 8-10 degree Celsius, and in a wine glass, not a flute, to allow the aromas to ‘open up’.

The limited-edition Moët Impérial 150th anniversary bottle is exclusively available in Supervalu from €58.