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Image: Instagram @marksandspencerireland

M&S has launched a new affordable wine range

There's everything from a shiraz to a chardonnay


If you’re a wine newbie, or just want to try something different, the new This Is range of wines from M&S has landed in stores.

It’s a 15-strong range created by M&S winemakers, led by Belinda Kleinig, and most are a mere €7.30 a bottle, while the two sparkling wines are €8.80 each.

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If you're not up to speed on the world of wine it can be tricky to pick something you like and this range is geared at making it as easy as possible. The cheerful labels all clearly indicate what kind of wine is in the bottle so if you’re after a chardonnay or a shiraz you’ll know exactly which one to go for. There's also guidance on taste and styles on the bottles ('light and refreshing', 'soft and fruity' etc) to take the guesswork out of things too.

Other wines in the range include a pinot grigio, Argentinia malbec, Spanish rosé, and South African Chenin blanc.

The This is Range is available from M&S now.

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