The burger is eight times the size of a quarter pounder

The burger is eight times the size of a quarter pounderM&S

Well, we weren't expecting this! Just in time for barbecue season and Father's Day this weekend, M&S has come up with what might be a complete show-stopper (or at least a serious talking point) at your next gathering. 

It’s called the Daddy of all Burgers, and with good reason. It weighs in at a huge 1kg, which is more than eight quarter pounders' worth of burger. It comes pre-loaded with cheese sauce and pulled BBQ beef in the centre, and it's wrapped in streaky bacon rashers too.

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Daddy has been a massive success so far, with 3,000 burgers sold in the first week of launch. Wondering how you'd serve such a monster?  Dish it up in bite-size pieces for a meaty canapé or team it with the - suitably sizeable - giant burger bun and divide as you wish (M&S suggests it serves four).

The burger is €10, while an accompanying giant burger bun comes in at €2.