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The star-studded rosé you'll be sipping all summer long

Australian songstress Kylie Minogue has joined the parade of celebrities putting their names to wine and spirits.


To coincide with her 52nd birthday, Australian superstar Kylie Minogue has released an impressive rosé wine.

You might associate her with the Australian soap opera Neighbours or chart-topping hits like I Should Be So Lucky and Can't Get You Out Of My Head, but pop sensation Kylie Minogue has now added winemaker to her impressive resumé thanks to the release of her new French wine.

Kylie Minogue rosé is a blend of two delicious grapes, 80 per cent Carignan and 20 per cent Cabernet Sauvignon, both of which have been grown near the coast in the south of France. The result is a wine with a "deliciously juicy and fresh first impression, the elegant blend features a beautifully pale pink shade with delicate, alluring aromas of fresh summer berries and white blossom, refined and refreshing on the palate with a fruity, crisp finish."

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Kylie Minogue rosé
Kylie Minogue rosé

This Kylie Minogue rosé was developed with Benchmark Drinks over the course of two years and is the first of many planned wines from the Kylie Minogue Wines range, which is set to be released over the next few years. Kylie herself was reportedly extremely involved in the development of the rosé, working closely with the team to ensure Kylie Minogue rose lives up to the glamour and fame of its namesake. 

The pleasantly pink wine is presented in elegant long-necked curved bottles featuring Kylie's signature and a bespoke pearlescent capsule. Speaking about Kylie Minogue rosé, the superstar professed her love for her newest venture. 

“I have a great passion for rosé and have loved working for the last two years on developing Kylie Minogue Wines. Working with the brilliant team at Benchmark Drinks we have created a Rosé that I am truly enamoured by, it’s fresh, light and the perfect pink.”

Kylie Minogue rosé is available on winesoftheworld.ie and Carry Out Off Licences around the country for an RRP of €12.99. For more info, click here

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