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Rapeseed oil is particularly good for saucesGetty

This Irish Rapeseed Oil Is Found In Michelin Star Kitchens

It has some devoted fans.


It's always good to see an Irish success story and homegrown Collar of Gold rapeseed oil is making a name for itself in some of the island's top kitchens. 

It has proven to be a hit with Irish chefs in the likes of Michelin star Dublin restaurant Patrick Guilbaud and The Department of Culinary Arts in the Dundalk Institute of Technology.

Eric Matthews, head chef at Michelin starred restaurant Chapter One in Dublin is also a fan. Matthews had trained under Heston Blumenthal, Philip Howard and Guillaume Brahimi, before returning to Dublin to take the role in Chapter One.

Chapter One Head Chef, Eric Matthews
Chapter One Head Chef, Eric Matthews

He uses the oil in the kitchen and says, We use it in all our emulsifications, dressings and mayonnaises. It is a top-quality product."

The oil is made from virgin oil from seeds grown by Irish farmers. During an extraction process, the shells are left behind, and water vapour is used to remove the distinctive taste, smell and colour often associated with rapeseed oil.

Image: Instagram @collarofgold
Image: Instagram @collarofgold

It works well with both high and low temperatures and one of the most popular uses of the oil is in sauces. Eric has given us a recipe for a Béarnaise sauce that uses Collar of Gold rather than butter. You can find it here