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Happy pear
The Happy Pear

The Happy Pear Launches Home Compostable Tray for Their Ready Meals

A great effort for sustainable food packaging from the well-loved brand.


In an initiative to reduce waste and particularly single-use plastic, The Happy Pear has just announced the launch of a new home compostable tray for its ready-made meal and burger ranges.

The new food packaging is the result of over 12 months of discussions, tests and trials by the Greystones-based twin brothers. Made in Ireland from sustainably sourced virgin paper pulp board, the trays are lined with a biofilm that ensures no permeability and proper sealing. Once used, they can be thrown in garden compost or put in the brown bin with organic food waste. 

“More than 60% of Irish plastic waste still comes from packaging, and only 40% of that packaging is recycled. Having a tray that can break down quickly in a home compost bin and return back as soil is more nourishing for the earth right now,” explained Darragh Flynn, director of the healthy eating brand.

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This change brought quite a few challenges along the way, including reformulating some of the recipes and finding a film that would seal the products safely while being user-friendly. But making the switch to more earth-friendly materials was very important for the company.

“Sustainability is at the very core of what we care about,” Darragh continued. “Having the certificate for home compostability was key for us as this represents the holy grail in packaging”. 

While there is a considerable additional cost associated with these new trays, the consumers won’t see a change in pricing when they purchase the products: “We really believe in taking the steps needed to bring about a healthier world and as a result, we will be absorbing the additional cost” Darragh said. 

The new trays are now in full use in six of the meal products and two of the new plant-based burgers.

“In total, we have successfully moved 18 of our products to compostable packaging - 8 home compostable packs and 10 industrially compostable, meaning they can be composted by putting in your brown bin.” 

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