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Kinsale Spirit Company has launched its Red Earl Irish whiskey

It's the first in a new Battle of Kinsale series of whiskeys


A new Irish whiskey from the Kinsale Spirit Company is the first in a planned Battle of Kinsale series of whiskeys.

It’s the latest launch from the Cork company, which also has small-batch Kinsale Gin in its portfolio and is in the middle of building a new distillery in the county.

Red Earl is named after 16th-century Irish chieftain Red Hugh O’Donnell, Earl of Tyrconnell. Following the Battle of Kinsale in 1601, O’Donnell went to Spain to seek allies in the fight against the English Crown. However, he died during the trip and is thought to be buried near Rioja in Spain. Red Earl, the makers say, is a tribute to his story.

Kinsale Spirit Company co-founders Colin Ross, Tom O’Riordan, and Ernest Cantillon
Kinsale Spirit Company co-founders Colin Ross, Tom O’Riordan, and Ernest Cantillon

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The whiskey is triple casked, aged in bourbon, then sherry, and finally matured in Rioja casks, resulting in a roundness of flavour and a lengthy finish.

It may seem like a particularly difficult time to bring a new product to market but co-founder Ernest Cantillon says Red Earl has had a great response so far. “We were nervous about launching a new product during such an uncertain period, but to be honest it has hit the ground running," he says. "Local support has been phenomenal, and we have our first export order, several thousand bottles, heading to China next week.”

Priced from 35, Red Earl is available on the kinsalespirit.com website, and other stockists include Bradleys, North Main Street, Cork, 1601 in Kinsale, Co. Cork, irishmalts.com, and erinhampers.com.

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