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Ost-Ko Cheese Copenhagen 2019 Photo: Liv Møller Kastrup

Our Recent Visit To 'Cheese Copenhagen' Cheese Festival Was Super Cheesy!

Dee Laffan reports from a trip to Cheese Copenhagen with the National Dairy Council.


As part of the European cheese campaign, Cheese Your Way, Dee Laffan visited Copenhagen with the National Dairy Council of Ireland to attend a local cheese festival, Cheese Copenhagen.

On October 26th, the Meat Packing District in Copenhagen hosts Cheese Copenhagen, becoming a place where nerds and novices go completely cheesy with a showcase of Danish, Irish and French cheeses, a Cheese Symposium and workshops. This is a festival for quality cheeses presented by The Danish Dairy Board as a part of their cheese campaign called Ost & ko, meaning: Cheese & company, or cow (Ko is cow in Danish).

This festival is part of Cheese Your Way, a three-year European campaign which involves Denmark, France and Ireland. Next year, the event will take place in France and in 2022, Ireland will host a large cheese festival and symposium. 

Here, in this short video, Dee Laffan reports from Cheese Copenhagen to bring you the highlights of this wonderful event... 

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