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What We're Looking Forward To At The Guinness 232°C Pop Ups

Guinness, good music and great food!


Festival season may be over but Guinness  232°C is easing us into autumn with a mini festival around Dublin. 

The Guinness 232°C series of pop ups across the city are combining music, great food and - of course - Guinness. A trio of top food names will be serving up tasty treats, all cooked over fire, to be enjoyed with some Guinness 232°C. (If you’re wondering about the fire link,  232°C is the temperature Guinness roasts its barley at.)

Seasonal ingredient will be a big focus and, along with the food and pints, there will be tunes from the likes of David Kitt, Sally Cinnamon and Sim Simma.

The festival is curated by food expert, Ali Dunworth, who told us: “We wanted to get some unexpected chefs and restaurants involved, that were Guinness fans of course and were excited by the challenge of cooking over fire."

It all kicks off on September 19 and here’s what we’re most looking forward to: 

Artisan eats from Grálinn

The food truck/pop up maestros work with the best local produce and use ingredients from Dublin farms. They’ll be cooking over fire in Bonobo, Smithfield. "Grálinn's local Irish street food vibe goes perfectly with Guinness," Dunworth explains. "The bonus is they are cooking at Bonobo which is just down the road from Elmhurst Farm where they are based and source lots of their ingredients from."

Ramen from Bia Rebel

Belfast’s award-winning Bia Rebel is making the trip south to serve up tasty ramen bowls, gyoza and lots more with a one-off menu at Jam Park in Swords. Bia Rebel has been experimenting more and more with live fire cooking and has created dishes based around the aromas from St. James Gate that are so familiar to most of us," says Dunworth.

Tacos from La Cocina Cuevas

The Mexican pop-up food truck will be bringing its smoking up tacos and chilies to the much-loved surrounds of The Bernard Shaw on South Richmond Street.  "We're really looking forward to pairing La Cocina Cuevas tacos with Guinness," Dunworth says, "I don't know if that's been done before." 

The Dublin dates are below and there may be further dates in other locations around the country.


19 - 21 September: Grálinn headlines at Bonobo

27 - 29 September: Bia Rebel headlines at Jam Park 

3 - 5 October: La Cocina Cuevas headlines at The Bernard Shaw.


Tickets are priced at €10 and for that you'll get a pint of Guinness or Pure Brew non-alcoholic lager and two signature dishes.  They're available here.