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Award-winning chef Brian McDermott launches new online cookery classes

Ever wanted to cook with a great? Well, now is your chance.


World-renowned chef Brian McDermott has launched a revamped website and is now offering cookery classes for people to try at home.
Whether you’re bored with the three meals you actually know how to make or are looking forward to the day you can cook for other people again, after the year we’ve had, we wouldn’t blame you for craving change in your kitchen.

Something that could help in either scenario? Signing up for an online cooking class, a category that — like other online classes — has exploded in popularity since many of us started working and (mostly) living at home because of the pandemic. If you're suffering from Zoom fatigue or square eyes from staring at screens all day, the great thing about taking part in an online cooking class is that's it's more than just a Zoom call or TV show you have on in the background. It's interactive, it stimulates the brain, gives you a goal and there are other people in the class too meaning you have someone to talk to other than your cat. 

A perfect example of an online cooking class that goes above and beyond is Chef Brian McDermott's 'How To' Live Online Cookery Classes. Launching this weekend, the award-winning and world-renowned chef has launched a brand new website with a unique series of online 'how to' classes. From cooking the perfect steak to mastering a fish pie, Brian will be live from his home kitchen in Donegal teaching you in your kitchen how to create a truly spectacular dish that you can be proud of. 

Knowing everyone has different skills and tastes, Brian has a wide range of cooking classes available. Everything from tasty soups, authentic curries, gourmet burgers, traditional bakes and even the secret to roasting the perfect leg of lamb is on the menu.

During the class, you can cook along with Brian through every step of the recipe as you will receive the recipe card well in advance allowing you to shop for ingredients. Or if you prefer you can simply sit back and learn and recreate the meal in your own time.

Speaking to FOOD&WINE about his new adventure, Brian said:

I never thought online cookery classes would work 12 months ago but I'm delighted to be proved wrong.  I love engaging online and sharing my nourishing recipes to a wide audience; we've actually reached the USA, Germany, France and India with previous online classes.

The classes are priced at €20 per class and can be booked by visiting chefbrianmcdermott.com

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