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Bushmills launches new Caribbean Rum Cask Finish

A holiday in a glass!


Bushmills is embarking on a new range of innovative whiskeys with the first in the series, Caribbean Rum Cask Finish, set to hit shop shelves on April 15.

It’s hard to imagine when we’ll next be able to indulge in wanderlust with reckless abandon. 

We might have flickering hopes for a cute cottage getaway on the west coast of Ireland or perhaps a luxury break up North for the coming Summer, but even staycations are very much subject to the fluctuating effects of coronavirus. 

But if waiting who knows how long for a holiday abroad is becoming increasingly harder, Bushmills are a hand to transport you to a sunnier place. A new addition to Bushmills vast portfolio, this is the first in the series of the new Bushmills Original Cask Finish range which will offer new and unique flavour variations.

The Caribbean Rum Cask Finish, available as of Thursday, April 15, features the same single malt used in Bushmills Original Irish Whiskey, finished in hand-selected fine oak Caribbean Rum casks. It’s then blended with the brand’s triple distilled Irish grain whiskey to create tropical fruit and dry spice flavours. The casks, first used in the Caribbean to hold rich rum for a minimum of seven years, have been carefully selected by local rum makers and transported to Ireland. They are then stored for years in Bushmills’ warehouses, imbuing its single malt with pineapple sweetness, caramelised brown sugar notes, toffee tones and a long, smooth finish.

Proving the true versatility of whiskey, now is the time to travel by whiskey and make a happy hour drink that reminds us of the places we long to see again soon. The new Caribbean Rum Cask Finish has the power to transport you there. So while we can’t be on a beach sipping a signature cocktail, we can, for a moment, close our eyes and conjure the sun’s heat, sandy beaches, and the rustle of salty air in palm trees.

Speaking about the new launch, Helen Mulholland, Bushmills Master Blender, said:

The launch of the Cask Finish series is an exciting and innovative move for Bushmills. The Cask Finish series adds an extra dimension to our acclaimed Bushmills Original. As the world’s oldest licensed whiskey distillery, The Old Bushmills Distillery has warehouses bursting with unique casks ageing exquisite whiskey. We’re very excited to bring our latest innovation to new and discerning whiskey drinkers across the island of Ireland."

The new blend can be enjoyed on its own over ice or is best served in a delicious cocktail (like the one below).

Caribbean Highball


  • 1 part Bushmills Caribbean Rum Cask Finish
  • 3 parts soda water
  • 1 part lemon juice
  • Ice
  • Lime wedge


1. Take a highball glass and fill with ice. 

2. Pour the Bushmills Caribbean Rum Cask Finish into the glass and top the with soda water.

3. Then, take half a lemon and squeeze the juice into the glass and stir

4. Serve with a lime wedge

The Bushmills Caribbean Rum Cask Finish goes on sale from Thursday, April 15
via select online and in-store retailers, bottled at 40% ABV, and priced at €30 per 700ml.
See bushmills.com for more information.

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