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Become a master chef at home with this new online cooking class

Plus, It's got a whole host of celebrity chefs in its lineup!


We’re all spending more time than usual at home – and in our own kitchens. Whether you’re an eager home cook all year round or a bit daunted by your hob, Arnotts Cooking Club is the perfect chance to nudge your cooking skills up a level.

We've always seen ourselves as the kind of people who enjoy things like pottery or making our own nut milk from scratch, yet so often we're too busy or too stressed to do any of it in earnest. However, back in March 2020, somewhere between the gentle push to work from home and the "stay at home" orders, we found ourselves with more time on our hands. In no time at all, many of us turned to lockdown hobbies to help ease the boredom that came with staying at home all day. These hard times have made knitters, painters, chefs and stress-bakers out of all of us. The latter two, proving to be the most popular. 

Whether out of sheer boredom or necessity, many of spent 2020 in our kitchens. From restaurant meal-kits to growing our own sourdough starters, cooking at home was in many ways a lockdown saviour. However, as the months have gone and we came out of lockdown to entering a partial lockdown to then only certain counties being in lockdown to ultimately end up back in another nationwide lockdown, the motivation to cook has wildered. When you've spent the best part of a year cooking every single meal at home, it's only natural to turn to your local takeaway or microwaveable ready meals. 

But if 2020 taught us anything, it's that cooking is therapeutic and joyful. Besides, there's only so many takeaways you can eat before you're on a first-name basis with the delivery driver. The good news is we have discovered all the motivation and encouragement you could possibly need to get back in the kitchen: Arnotts Cooking Club. 

Arnotts has teamed up with a cast of celebrity chefs including the likes of Donal Skehan and Rachel Allen to launch Arnotts Cooking Club. Each week, a new celebrity chef will takeover Arnotts Instagram page to offer an exclusive cooking demonstration. The event kicks off this Thursday, February 4 with international best-selling author and TV host, Donal Skehan. 

Whether a total beginner in the kitchen or just looking to hone new skills, Arnotts Cooking Club has something for everyone with a jam-packed programme of content curated by a star-studded lineup of foodies. Think: celebrity chef Rachel Allen, lifestyle and travel blogger Nadia el Ferdousi and Head Chef at Chapter One, Eric Matthews - to name but a few.

Members of the Arnotts Cooking Club can also share their creations with the Arnotts Cooking Club community on Instagram using the hashtag #ArnottsCookingClub each week. Not only will you get to proudly show off your creation but you will also be in with a chance of winning some amazing prizes from the Arnotts Kitchenware department. 

To become a member of the Arnotts Cooking Club, all you have to do is sign up to their mailing list - it's that easy! Then, make sure you're following @arnottsdublin on Instagram so you never miss a show.

Happy cooking! 

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