Yes, you didn't just dream that news. It's real. La Cité Du Vin translates as "The City of Wine" and we can't think of anywhere else we'd rather be right now than in Bordeaux, France exploring this magical new place. 

If theme parks were created for adults, surely someone would think to create one made for worshipping wine? Thankfully, we can rely on the French to fulfil our dreams when it comes to wine. Don't worry guys, they've got us covered!

La Cité Du Vin is an €80 million complex in the heart of one of France's most renowned wine regions – Bordeaux. Theme park might have been a leap of the imagination, it's more of an interactive museum dedicated to wine and the enjoyment of drinking it. 

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Eight hundred varieties of wine from 70 different countries are stored at La Cité du Vin's restaurant, and they're all available for tasting and ordering. Plus there are 20 wine-themed sections and exhibits, including The Belvedere lookout providing visitors incredible 360-degree views from 35m up, a wine culture library and a simulated boat ride (not quite the roller coaster you were expecting) that shows what it was like to be a journeying wine merchant.

According to the architects, the twisted metal structured building adjacent to the Garonne River is supposed to portray wine swirling around in a glass, making for a totally immersable wine experience. 

Tickets start at around just $25... and include a glass of wine*



*Book seats on the first flight to Bordeaux!