Few foods have as much to offer as bread so there’s good reason to celebrate this staple during National Bread Week (10-16 September 2018).

Steeped in tradition, bread is part of our heritage and psyche – even the smell of it makes around 9 out of 10 of us happy.

To celebrate just how delicious real, homemade bread is - those fresh loaves you find in your local bakery, we’ve rounded up six of our favourite recipes for you to try this weekend.

Banana, Cocoa & Hazelnut Breakfast Bread

This sweet breakfast bread will set you up for the day. The banana adds softness while the nuts and chocolate chips add texture. It also freezes really well.

Soda Bread

The saltiness of the blue cheese along with the sweetness of the honey and the crunch of the walnuts and granary is a combination that simply works.

Enriched white bread

This is your everyday loaf, the one for the kids’ sandwiches and smotherings of butter and jam.