Misunderstood Heron, one of Galway’s most remote food trucks, has been named as one of the eight coolest in the world by Lonely Planet.

In a recent guide on their website, Lonely Planet named Misunderstood Heron top of the list of the world’s coolest food trucks. The popular guide is renowned for its thoroughly researched information about the best places to visit, dine and stay around the world. On their newest list, Misunderstood Heron, which can be found in the car park of the Killary Adventure, was the only Irish location to make the cut.

The food truck, which is located in the seaside fjord of Killary, was founded by husband-and-wife duo Reinaldo Seico and Kim Young. The couple met after Chilean-born Reinaldo came to Ireland to become a kayaking instructor. There, he met Kim and the pair set off to travel the world, before returning home to set up their food truck. The food in Misunderstood Heron was inspired by Kim and Reinaldo’s travels, with their samosas and pasties firm customer favourites. 

The pair are committed to ensuring that they use only the finest local ingredients, including mussels straight from the fjord, lamb from a nearby farm in Killary and more.

Misunderstood Heron is just one in a wave of cool new Irish food trucks that are shunning the traditional offerings of fish and chips or burgers. Head along to any festival this summer (or even just any local market) and you’re sure to find a number of trucks serving a variety of foods from all over the world. While Misunderstood Heron is just one of many trucks in Ireland now, it sounds like it could very well be the best on the island, so head along to Galway to try it out.

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