Lir launch \'Art of Chocolate\' experience

Lir launch 'Art of Chocolate' experience

Just in time for Christmas, Lir has launched their newest chocolate experience.

The premium Irish chocolate company will bring its 'Art of Chocolate' experience around the country this month, so their team of chocolatiers can demonstrate their chocolate skills. Lir will also invite the public to partake in the chocolate work, as the chocolatiers will teach visitors to create their own personalised chocolate bars – perfect for gifts.

Commenting on the new experience, Katie Byrne, Brand Manager for Lir, told us: 

“At Lir, we’re simply in love with chocolate and nothing makes us happier than sharing that passion with others.  We’re so excited to meet fellow chocolate lovers as we travel with the ‘Art of Chocolate’ Experience and also delighted to be able to offer our customers, existing and new, added convenience and choice with the launch of our online store.  It’s been a particularly busy few months here at Lir and we’re absolutely thrilled with the results.”

As well as the 'Art of Chocolate' experience, Lir will open their brand new online shop on November 11th. The new store will stock the full range of Lir goodies, including the brand's delicious new range, the Discovery Collection.

The Discovery Collection was created Lir's head chocolatier, Patricia Brady. Patricia has been working with Lir for over 31 years and has been head chocolatier for 16 years, so she's the one to thank for the delicious new 'Discovery Collection'. The collection brings together Lir’s delicious chocolate exteriors with interiors made from ingredients sourced from all around the world. The new flavours include exciting combinations such as Persian Lime Truffle, Raspberry and Pistachio Duo, Dark Chocolate Torte and Chewy Pecan Caramel, alongside classic flavours like Praline, Salted Caramel and Coffee. 

We were lucky enough to attend an exclusive event to highlight the new store and the 'Art of Chocolate' experience, where we had the chance to interview Patricia about her work at Lir.

Master chocolatier Patricia Brady

Master chocolatier Patricia Brady

How involved were you with creating the new line?

"I was very involved, I invented all the chocolates from scratch. I had input from other people when we were doing the initial tasting, then we all got together as a team and decided what flavours we liked. There were a lot of flavours that didn’t make it in the end but it was very exciting to come up with the different flavours and textures."

How long was the process from idea to the actual product?

"It was about a year and a half, it takes a long time. Initial tastings were about 3 months long and then we started to make any necessary tweaks. It was a long process but worth it."

What’s your favourite flavour in the new range?

"The Raspberry and Pistachio duo because I absolutely love dark chocolate."

Are there any plans going forward for Christmas or Easter?

"Yeah, we’ve actually already started developing for Christmas 2019 and Easter 2020! We really have to be so far ahead. We started making the 2019 Easter eggs in August so they should be finished in February and then in shops. We also make quite a lot of products for Marks & Spencer and Dunnes Stores, so we have to produce a great deal of chocolate, which are all hand-finished, so we really have to work in advance!"

Can you tell me more about the products?

"All of our bases, colours and flavours are all natural. We try to source locally if we can and we’ve started to bring in New Origin chocolates where we can, so one of our chocolates here today is actually a ruby chocolate. I made a pink gin filling to go with it so you’ll get to try that later, so that was very exciting to create. There has been a lot of talk about it so was exciting to finally get to use it. There’s a lot of innovation involved in creating these products, deciding on the flavour combinations and it takes a long time to get it right."

Lir chocolatier Patricia Brady creating a chocolate centrepiece

Lir chocolatier Patricia Brady creating a chocolate centrepiece

The Lir ‘Art of Chocolate’ Experience will kick off in Dublin in November at the following locations, with further dates at nationwide locations to be announced shortly:

  • Fri, 16 November: Supervalu, 13 Braemor Rd, Churchtown, Co. Dublin, 2pm – 5pm
  • Fri, 23 November: Supervalu Sutton Cross, Burrow, Dublin 13, 2pm – 5pm
  • Fri, 30 November: Supervalu, Newcastle Rd, Lucan, 2pm – 5pm

The online store will launch on November 11th at this link.