Kitchen On The Edge Of The World is set to host two great food events this year at Holmen Lofoten, which is located on the very edge of the Lofoten Islands, Norway.

On the furthest Lofoten Island, found inside the Arctic Circle, Holmen Lofoten is surrounded by looming mountains, white sandy beaches and fishing villages. Offering a range of escape-the-city stays, Holmen Lofoten also plays host to Kitchen On The Edge Of The World. Curated by Valentine Warner, Kitchen On The Edge Of The World is a food series that invites guests to take part in hunting, fishing, foraging and more in order to reconnect with their food.

Valentine, who originally trained as a painter before turning to cooking, is a renowned chef who aims to tie together local producers and ingredients with natural history. He joined with the team at Holmen Lofoten to form Kitchen On The Edge Of The World, which they hope will invite guests to cook, talk and explore the landscape at the edge of the world. Kitchen On The Edge Of The World events are held to coincide with various solstices throughout the year.

Kitchen On The Edge Of The World held its first event last month, with Mark Hix, Nick Strangeway and DBC Pierre travelling to Norway to join Valentine for a four-day food and nature experience. There are two more experiences planned for the rest of the year, Summer and Autumn.

The next event will take place on June 20th-24th, with Nathan Outlaw, Nick Strangeway and Matt Haig joining Valentine to highlight the summer season. The course will take place over five days; on Thursday, guests will arrive and enjoy a Norwegian supper before retiring to their cosy cabins. On Friday, everyone will go fishing and eat dinner from their catch, before enjoying a cookery school class, a hike and a picnic on Saturday. A final feast highlighting Norwegian food will take place on Sunday before guests head home on Monday.

The Autumn event with Gill Meller, Mark Hix and Bridget Nicholls, which takes place on September 19th-23rd, will follow a similar schedule. Instead of fishing on Friday, guests will forage in order to take advantage of the local, seasonal ingredients. Also, instead of a beach picnic, guests can expect to enjoy a feast at a local festival of light on Saturday evening.

Valentine Warner looks to have organised a truly unique experience, with guests set to reconnect with nature, while learning more about food from world-class chefs. Four-day Kitchen On The Edge Of The World events cost from £3,000 per person. To find out more or book into the event, head to the Holmen Lofoten website.

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