Think you make the country’s best margarita? This Jose Cuervo Margarita competition is the perfect way to test your skills.

The competition wants to mix up the Cuervo Tradicional margarita by inviting bartenders from all over Ireland (who are over 18) to create their own cocktail with a twist and submit it to the Cuervo margarita website. The best cocktails will be invited to a live final in Dublin on May 14th, where the finalists will reproduce their drink in front of a panel of expert judges. The best margarita will win the title of Ireland’s Best Margarita

Not only will the winner take home the coveted title, but they will also win a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Tequila, Mexica, which is the home of Jose Cuervo. While in Mexica, the winner will witness Jose Cuervo’s tequila production, visit agave fields, learn about the tradition of the Jimador (agave farmer) and more. Not only that but the winner will also get to visit the family cellar where the Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia is finished before they get to taste the spirit straight from the barrel.

To enter this competition, bartenders must utilise Cuervo Tradicional Silver, an authentic 100% blue agave tequila, in their margarita. While margaritas are definitively made with tequila, sweetener and citrus, bartenders are encouraged to get creative with their drinks. Drinks will be judged on their inventiveness, recipe quality, presentation and level of skill utilised.

Speaking about the competition, Oli Pergl, Tequila Educator for Jose Cuervo and head judge for the competition told us:

“The margarita owes its character to tequila, which is the spirit that captures the heart and soul of Mexico, including its traditions, its magic, and its history. Tequila infuses the margarita with fun and intensity and gives it an edge over other cocktails and spirits. Being a versatile cocktail, I look forward to seeing some unique recipes unfold during the competition”.

Bartenders who are 18 years or old and legal residents of Ireland can enter the competition between 22nd February – 22nd April (midnight) by submitting their own creative twist on the classic margarita on