Today would have been Anthony Bourdain's 63rd birthday, so his fans and friends around the world are remembering him as part of #BourdainDay.

Chefs Eric Ripert and José Andrés, close friends of Anthony's, declared that they would celebrate Anthony's life today by sharing memories of him and toasting his life. The pair have encouraged Anthony's fans to do the same by posting their own memories of the chef online using the hashtag  #BourdainDay

To mark the occasion, we asked some of Ireland's best chefs about the impact that Anthony Bourdain had on them. Read on to find out what they had to say. 

Kevin Arundel, The Chophouse

"Anthony’s last dinner in Ireland was with my wife and me in The Chophouse, you can see the video on our website. I met him several times and had so much fun with him, he was a true rock star. He told us that his "favourite f**king” meal in Dublin was at The Chophouse."

Domini Kemp, Managing Director at Itsa Ltd.

"Anthony Bourdain was such a lovable rogue, haunted by demons yet so full of life. His writing was brutal, honest, brilliant. He made our world of hot kitchens and impossible glory seem cool."

Gary O'Hanlon, Culinary Director at BaxterStorey

“For me, Bourdain was simply one of us. I was immersed in Boston life and working busy lines (as they’re called Stateside) when I first read Kitchen Confidential. It was mesmerizing, to say the least, so much so that I have been sharing my copy with my young crew up until two years ago when some young rascal didn’t return it! It was such an important, fun read and really resonated with me. Anthony had my respect because he lived the chef's life. Not in a ‘I’m a hero, I’ve been there’ type of way, but in how he portrayed his love of his crew through his writing. The way that he speaks about kitchen porters alone tells you all you needed to know about him.

As someone who loves to write about food. I really admired his work with the pen too. Put simply, he was a wordsmith and as talented with the pen as he was the blade. He was the one that showed, with a bit of luck, that the sweat, tears, stress, graft and perseverance could one day end in comfort and maybe even stardom. Sadly it wasn’t enough. He's sorely missed, never to be forgotten”

Holly Dalton, Head Chef at Gertrude

"I will say that as a young chef, Kitchen Confidential was essential reading. I also used to stay up late in college watching No Reservations clips on YouTube. His style really gave a fantastic insight into other food cultures."

Kwanghi Chan, Chef and Owner at Bowls By Kwanghi and ChanChan Sauces

"The guy was an industry hero. A lot of chefs and writers looked up to him because he told the truth about what happens on the other side of the stove and the life that comes with it. The push, the struggle, the love of food and the scars that come with it. When Kitchen Confidential came out it was something that we all connected with, then the El Bulli episode decoding Ferrari Adria sealed the deal of true icon."

Kate Lawlor-Lyne, Chef

"To me, Anthony Bourdain laid out the home truths of the industry to the public; the extreme highs and the extreme lows by sharing his utter joy of food, what it brings to people and how it is shared beyond the kitchen door."

JR Ryall, Pastry Chef at Ballymaloe House

"Anthony’s passion and adventurous spirit taught us to think differently about culture and food. His raw and authentic approach always got to the kernel of what made somewhere special."

Chad Byrne, Chef at The Brehon Killarney and Founder of ChefCollab

"He was the first to make me feel that being working class was okay. Before he was on the food scene, food TV and media was led by posh housewives and PR chefs. He made me fell like I was actually in the trenches with him."

Darren Hogarty, Pastry Chef at Chapter One

"For myself personally, he had an impact on my life because he wasn’t boxed in by being a chef, he wore so many hats and he really was the first I knew to do that. I remember reading Bone In The Throat and the Bobby Gold Stories (legitimate novels) and thinking that this guy writes as another outlet for creativity. He wasn’t confined to just the kitchen and it really opened my eyes."

What impact did Anthony Bourdain have one you? Let us know in the comments below.