The worldwide gin-volution is showing no signs of slowing down in Ireland, a new report by the Irish Spirits Association (ISA) shows.

While vodka remains Ireland's most popular spirits drink, gin is the fastest growing spirit category among Irish consumers, up by 47.2% in 2017, with growth shared between both Irish and imported brands.

Gin accounts for 11.2% of Ireland’s overall spirits consumption, with vodka taking the lead (33.2%), followed by Irish Whiskey (24.4%), Gin (11.2%), Rum (7.7%) and Brandy (4.9%).

Local distillers hope that Irish Gin will gain an international reputation similar to that of Irish Whiskey and Irish Cream Liqueur, and the ISA recently launched a five-year strategy for Irish Gin that aims to increase global exports.

Gin’s relatively quick production time has meant that producers have been able to hop quickly onto this trend, with over 30 Irish gin brands available at the start of 2018.

One look at any cocktail menu will tell you that gin remains popular, while gin bars such as Galway’s Tigh Nora and Hyde Bar (which has over 500 types of gin) are playing their part in the gin hype.

Apart from an increasing dedication to gin, it appears that Irish drinkers are also looking for more premium tipples, with sales of premium Irish whiskey up 40% as more and more people make a conscientious decision to opt for a higher quality spirit.