Avocado Rose

Avocado Rose

Now that ‘Avo’ has officially made it into the dictionary, it’s time to up our game and master slicing and dicing of this brunch hero.

Lisa from Healthy Nibbles & Bits has created a handy tutorial video on how to make a beautiful avocado rose - the perfect accompaniment to a fried egg on toast...


1 ripe and firm medium avocado


Cut avocado in half and peel off the skin. Lay one half of the avocado, cut side down, and slice the avocado thinly.

You want the slices to be quite thin so that they’re easier to shape. If you want a smaller rose, you’ll only want to use 1/2 of the slices. Use all the slices if you want a large flower.Fan out avocado slices so that they form a long line with the slices overlapping each other.

Starting from one end, curl avocado slices toward the center.

Continue curling the avocado slices until you get a rose!

Watch the full video here on her informative YouTube channel, Lisa Lin: