McGraths Beef, Pearl Onion and Garden Lovage

McGraths Beef, Pearl Onion and Garden LovageShane O'Neill, Aspect Photography

Want to elevate a simple dish to Michelin star levels? We have some tips and recipes to achieve just that.

Michelin star head chef Martijn Kajuiter, from the Cliff House Hotel is widely considered as one of the most innovative chefs in the country. Here, he takes five simple dishes and brings them to extraordinary levels with his own twist. Read on and take inspiration from these for your next dinner party. 

Crispy Organic Duck Egg and Purple Sprouting Broccoli

A twist on your usual poached eggs - breakfast with a bit of flair

Potato Spaghetti and Land Caviar

If you use this recipe just to try out potato spaghetti you will no doubt impress your guests

Cod, Three Cornered Leeks, Beefsteak Mushrooms

Cooking fish on the bone makes a big difference when it comes to flavour and succulence. If you can't get three-cornered leeks, try scallions.

McGraths Beef, Pearl Onion and Garden Lovage

This is such a simple recipe but it will change the way you cook beef forever! Try this novel method of searing meat on sea salt and you will never look back.

Marinated Strawberries with Rice Puree and Tarragon

The tarragon in this dish is a really interesting flavour combination with the strawberries.

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