Halloween is almost upon us and if your kids haven't decided what to dress up as, then we really think food costumes could be a winner!

Whether you want to keep it simple as a bunch of grapes or go all out and make a full on box of McDonald's fries, food costumes will definitely give you a giggle this spooky season.
We did some research so that you don't have to and have rounded up our favourite pictures of kiddos dressed as food. Check them out below.
The Brunch Special
Brunch truly holds a special place in our hearts here at F&W, so dressing your kid up as two classic brunch items is iconic in our eyes.

The Small Fry

An American classic, everyone has enjoyed some good McDonald's fries in their time. This kid is rocking these potatoes, which we think wouldn't be too hard to recreate at home if fried food is your thing.

The Final Course

As everyone knows, the best way to end a meal is with a nice glass of wine and a delicious cheese board. If you're looking for a classy food costume, this could be the one for you.

A Load of Waffle

Maybe you want to create a Stranger Things themed costume, but don't want to freak your kid out. Why not channel Eleven's favourite food and create an Eggo waffle costume? With the cool factor of Netflix's hit show behind them, as well as the cuteness of a walking waffle, your kid will definitely rock this costume.

Great Grapes

Always a popular one, the bunch of grapes is a super easy and cute costume for any kid. If you have a couple of little ones, you could have a matching set with one as red grapes and the other as green grapes.


This one is for all the dog moms out there that want to dress up their furbabies for Halloween too. There's something particularly endearing about a puppy dressed up as food, so we really love this literal hot dog.

Will you be dressing you kids up as anything food-related this year? Let us know in the comments below!