The collaboration is a limited edition

The collaboration is a limited editionGuinness

Dublin’s Guinness Open Gate Brewery has teamed up with London-based Partizan Brewing to create a trio of aperitif-style beers.

The limited edition beers are inspired by the European aperitif trend - perfect for summer eating and drinking. Guinness Open Gate Brewery Head Brewer, Peter Simpson, and Partizan Brewing founder, Andy Smith, worked with renowned mixologist Alex Kratena on the project.

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Illustrator Alec Doherty provided the bottles’ labels. Simpson and Smith headed to Northern Italy to research the beers, dissecting classic recipes to create something new and fresh. The results are:

La Brillante: a traditional Pilsner aged in Oloroso sherry barrels and presented in 750ml cork and cage Champagne bottles.


L’Intensa: the most experimental of the trio, this dark beer contains botanicals sourced from Santa Vittoria in Italy, and gives a complex mouth feel. 

L’Amara: is a bitter, dry and delicate botanical-infused Saison, with taste notes from the Amaro highball.

The limited-edition beers are available exclusively at Guinness Open Gate Brewery in Dublin and there is also a  Partizan tap takeover. Running from 20th to 22nd June, each evening will feature pop-up tastings of the beers along with specially designed food pairings.