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Image by Vicky Ng on Unsplash

Easy vegan swaps to master this week

Make your life a little easier - and tastier - with these ideas.


January is coming to a close, but if you've decided to keep Veganuary going for a little longer, we're here to help.

Adjusting to a vegan diet can be a mammoth task - more on that here - but if you're happy with the change, it can be a great challenge to keep going with for the rest of year. There are so many great vegan products available in stores now, including ready meals, desserts and more, but if you want to try recreating some of your favourite meals, here are some vegan swaps to try out. Let us know what you think.

Use rice paper instead of bacon

Yes, there are plenty of vegan bacon options available, but have you ever thought about trying to make your own? Lately, Tik Tok and Instagram have been buzzing about rice paper bacon as a great substitute for classic crispy bacon. The recipe calls for rice paper and store cupboard staples like tamari, maple syrup and salt, as well as liquid smoke and nutritional yeast, then the 'bacon' is baked for less than ten minutes. The result is a smokey, salty bite that's the perfect addition to any breakfast plate. For an easy-to-manage recipe, click here

Use lentils instead of minced meat

Spaghetti bolognese is a staple dish in houses around the world because it is filling, easy to master and generally a crowd-pleaser. If you're whipping up spaghetti bolognese at the beginning of your vegan journey, simply substitute half of the mince for lentils for a meaty, delicious dish with only half of the beef or, if you prefer, eliminate the meat altogether and use only lentils - you'll barely be able to know the difference. This vegan swap works well for shepherd's pie, chilli con carne or any recipe that calls for minced beef. Try out Holly White's shepherd-less pie here for a perfectly filling vegan dinner. 

Use frozen fruit instead of ice cream

Okay, this might sound like a weird one but if you are craving a frozen treat, hear us out. All you need is a smoothie maker or high-powered blender, some frozen fruit, a little plant milk and maybe some maple or agave syrup to sweeten the mix for a delicious vegan swap. Throw the fruit into the blender and blitz for around 20 seconds, then add around half a cup of milk and blend until smooth and super thick. If you find it's not thickening up, add a banana - the sticky texture will sweeten and thicken the mix. When the mix is ready, sweeten to taste if necessary, then pop it into a container and freeze it for a few hours. When it's suitably frozen, scoop it out and serve with cacao nibs, fresh fruit or whatever you're craving. As a bonus, if you don't want to freeze the mix, you can use it straight away for a perfect smoothie bowl.