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Spooky Skeleton Cookies For Halloween

Learn to create some spooky treats with our Halloween guide.


Halloween is almost here and for us, that means one thing and one thing only: spooky baking!

Halloween is often associated with pumpkins, peanuts and apples and while we love these flavours, we can't pass up the chance to create some cheesily decorated bakes at this time of year. 

Cookies are the best base for Halloween-themed bakes because you can shape and decorate them as you please. Whether you want to make pumpkins, ghosts or people, cookies are your best best. 

One of our absolute favourite bases is gingerbread as it's sturdy. It holds its shape very well when baked and takes very well to being handled while being decorated.

Getty Images.
Getty Images.

Spooky Decorating

For spooky skeleton cookies, we like to use this ninja-breadmen recipe from Clare Wilkinson. It's very easy to make, as is the royal icing that goes on top. 

Instead of cutting the biscuits into ninja shapes, use people-shaped cutters for your cookies. You can also use a variety of other cutters, such as animals, ghosts and more so that you can make a variety of different skeletons - even ninja-shaped skeletons if you like!

Try Clare's ninja breadmen recipe here

Image by @juniperlemons on Instagram.
Image by @juniperlemons on Instagram.

How To Decorate A Skeleton

Instead of decorating your biscuits like ninjas, use the royal icing to create a skeleton effect. Pipe out a ribcage, bones and a spooky skeletal face to complete the Halloween effect, embellishing as you see fit.

Sometimes we like to divide the royal icing and colour half black and leave the other half white. Using the black icing, we'll outline the biscuits, then thing out the rest of the black icing until it's a little runnier. Then using the runnier icing (known as flood icing), fill the outline with black icing. Leave to dry overnight, then use the white icing to pipe out a skeletal form, as this will help the skeleton pop. Alternatively, dye the icing whatever colour you like and make multicoloured skeletons.

You can make the faces as spooky as you like - think smiley faces, grimaces or even vampire teeth. The best part about these cookies is that they're perfect to make with little ones this Halloween break. This project could easily keep kids occupied for the best part of the day!

Making skeleton cookies this Halloween? Tag us in the photos of your creations on social media and we'll reshare your photos this week.