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Heatwave hack: how to make the perfect iced coffee

Foolproof tips on how to make the perfect iced coffee at home


The Irish heatwave is officially in full swing (however long it may last) so that means one thing and one thing only: iced coffee all day, every day.

But did you know they're just as easy to make yourself at home? Follow these tips for the best iced coffee you'll ever have. 

  • First off, iced coffee will always taste better when brewed cold and kept refrigerated overnight. Combine one part coffee to 4.5 parts room temperature, filtered water in a pitcher or large container and pop it in the fridge to steep. (So for 8 cups of coffee, use 1.5 cups of grounds.) 

  • Strain the brew using a French press and dilute with water to taste - the concentrated brew can be quite strong. 
  • Freeze brewed coffee in an ice cube container so that you aren't watering it down too much with ice and sweeten with a dash of cinnamon.
  • No time to wait for the coffee to brew overnight? Simply grab a cocktail shaker, throw in the hot coffee and your coffee ice cubes and shake until cool. 

The ultimate treat to cool down with on these hot summer afternoons.