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Create the perfect wedding cheese cake

A tasty alternative to the classic wedding cake.


If a traditional wedding cake isn’t your thing, how about one made of cheese? We've compiled a guide to creating a showstopper for the big day.

It’s one of the key moments of a wedding reception, the cutting of the cake. But what if you’re not the biggest cake fan? Or, more importantly, what if the (other) great love of your life is cheese? We have some good news…

 The HK Photo Company/Unsplash
The HK Photo Company/Unsplash

Cheese cakes – i.e. cakes made from wheels of cheese – are becoming increasingly popular for weddings are, quite frankly, the stuff of dreams for a cheese fan. They’re a great alternative to a traditional cake and when teamed with crackers, chutneys and fruits, make for a perfect snack for guests. They also look incredible and give you that all-important photo-op moment, before you dive into the camembert or hit the stilton. If you’re thinking of taking the cheesy route we’ve come up with a list of key things to keep in mind when creating the perfect ‘cake’.

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Sheridans' Corrib Cheesecake
Sheridans' Corrib Cheesecake

  1. Choosing your cheeses is the first step. If you want a traditional tiered look, you’ll be opting for at least three layers, or cheese wheels. The bottom layer should be strong enough to hold what sits on top of it so a waxed, hard cheese can work well here.
  2. Ideally, your cheese selection should be well balanced, with a variety of types and flavours. Think hard, soft and blue cheeses – with different intensities and textures.
  3. Factor in your number of guests too. Sheridans Cheesemongers recommends 50g to 100g of cheese per person for before or after dinner. However, if the cheesefest is going to be a bigger part of the meal, go for 100g per person.
  4.  When it comes to decoration, you can go as opulent or minimal as you like. Your chosen cheeses will give your cake a particular look. Some have more of a rustic feel, while others can look more traditionally cake-like. Popular adornments include fig halves and grapes (both great with soft cheeses), and apple and pear slices (to pair with harder cheeses), as well as greenery and sprigs of flowers.
  5. The experts advise bringing your cake out a couple of hours ahead of time to allow the cheeses to come up to room temperature before serving.
  6. Finally, as much as we love cheese, it’s always better served with a little something. Artisan crackers are an ideal accompaniment – breads are another option – while you can also serve a range of chutneys, dried fruits, quince paste, and honeys.

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