Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Grilled Chicken SandwichHarry Weir

When I moved to Boston in `99 this was one of the first things that took me by surprise - grilling a sambo on a pan - but like most great ideas the best are usually the most obvious and simple.


  • 2 slices sourdough or bread of choice
  • 50g butter, room temperature
  • 1-2 tablespoons onion jam, or to taste
  • 50g rocket leaves
  • 100g cooked chicken
  • 2 slices brie cheese
  • 4 cherry peppers (or ‘Peppadew peppers`, widely available in jars), sliced


  1. Butter the two slices of bread.
  2. On the un-buttered sides spread on the onion jam (desired quantity).
  3. To one slice add the leaves, then the chicken, brie slices and cherry peppers. Top with the second slice, butter-side up, so that the two outside exposed sides are covered with butter.
  4. Heat a heavy based non-stick frying pan.
  5. Place onto the pan and grill until golden brown on both sides, about two minutes each side. Repeat for a further minute each side or until the cheese is just starting to melt and both sides are deep golden and crispy.

Tip: The fillings can be as varied as your imagination will take you... serve with chips and coleslaw.