Another day, another doodle and today Google is honouring nasi lemak, a Malaysian rice dish.

If you head to Google, you’ll notice a new Google Doodle has landed above the search bar depicting the nasi lemak, a Malaysian delicacy made with rice and coconut milk.  A 40-second animated clip highlights the dish, showcasing batik-themed floral designs (another nod to Malaysia’s rich heritage) and traditional music.

All of the ingredients needed to make the classic dish are included in the doodle, from rice, coconut milk and pandan leaves to sambal, cucumbers and peanuts. Traditional side dishes are also showcased, including fried chicken, eggs and fish, highlighting the variety of tastes found in nasi lemak.

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The dish, which is considered to be Malaysia’s national dish, is inspired by a well-known Malay legend: Seri, the daughter of a widow named Mak Kuntum, accidentally spilt coconut into the rice while she was cooking dinner. When her mother returned home and asked her daughter “What did you cook?” Seri replied, “Nasi le, Mak!” which means “Rice, mother!”.

Regardless of its origins, this tasty dish is revered by Malaysian people and others around the world for its comforting taste. Often eaten for breakfast, nasi lemak is served in a banana leaf to keep it warm. It’s also very popular in Thailand and Singapore.

This isn’t the first time Google has highlighted Malaysia in its doodles. Previous doodles have highlighted Malaysian festivities and people, including actor and singer Tan Sri P. Ramlee, football player Mokhtar Dahari and film director and writer Yasmin Ahmad.

Thanks to Google, we’re now craving a bowl of this fragrant spicy dish! Have you ever tried nasi lemak? Let us know what you thought of it in the comments below.