Good Food Ireland founder,  Margaret Jeffares

Good Food Ireland founder, Margaret Jeffares Good Food Ireland

Good Food Ireland has long directed people to the best food spots on the island and it has just gone a step further with Good Food Ireland Experiences.

From top producers and growers to fantastic restaurants, we’re not short of great food moments on this island, whether you’re a casual food fan or a devoted foodie. It can, however, be difficult to seek out something new, or stumble across that unique experience.

The new Good Food Ireland Experiences aims to make it all a lot easier. It is, as you might think, a directory of quality food-related experiences. Users can browse by date, destination or by the type of food experience they’re after. It’s also possible to search by route and region, so if you’re planning a road trip across the island, you can pepper it with intriguing pitstops along the way. 

Peter Ward

Peter Ward

Good Food Ireland founder, Margaret Jeffares said, “We have worked tirelessly with the best food producers and chefs in Ireland to carefully develop, inspect and bring to market food experiences which are now available on one platform, easily searched and navigated by various criteria”.

It’s a diverse offering too: making your own goat’s cheese on a family farm in Co Cork, dining with a local chef in Co Donegal, and enjoying a traditional Tipperary country picnic (above) are just some of the opportunities. 

Good Food Ireland Experiences is active now and you can learn more, or book, via the website.