We want to hear your thoughts!

We want to hear your thoughts!Getty

Do you work in the food or hospitality industry? We want to hear from you! Restaurant staff, chefs and teams, front of house: this is your chance to highlight the best of your industry.

In this year's FOOD&WINE Awards, in association with Rémy Martin, we want to celebrate the industry - from within, with three special awards. We want to hear from the people who work in it every day: your favourite suppliers, most supportive workplace, and the industry stars of tomorrow. Closing date for entries is Friday, 14th June. Nominate your favourites below.

Best Workplace 

The hospitality industry is a tough one, with more than its share of long hours, pressures, and challenges. Most are in it for the love of the industry, a vocation rather than a mere job. Which is why your workplace is so important and can make all the difference. For chefs, the kitchen can, literally,  be a second home so feeling valued and supported is essential. It’s the same with front of house roles and wait staff. Dealing with the public can be challenging sometimes and requires a high level of skill, knowledge and often superhuman tact. All the more so following the VAT increase in the industry and controversies around things like tipping.

A great workplace is one that supports its staff, adheres to good tipping practices, offers maternity leave, mentors new talent, and provides adequate staffing. The kind of place that makes you proud to work there - and reluctant to leave. Do you work somewhere that deserves a shout out for its great working practices? Let us know here.

Best Under 30 

The island of Ireland is just bursting with talent in the food industry. While head chefs, rightly, receive many accolades for their work, often there are promising young talents on their own career paths who are, at the moment, overlooked. Many head chefs go out of their way to nurture up-and-coming chefs, but now’s the time to give those young talents a nod publicly.

Do you work with a promising young chef? Is there someone in your kitchen that looks like they’re going to be a rising star in the industry? Or are you a young chef whose working their way up the ladder and feel you’ve got what it takes? Nominate here.

Best Producer

At FOOD&WINE, we chat with many chefs on a regular basis and, time after time, they say the same thing. It all comes back to ingredients. Chefs, wherever they might work, always seek quality ingredients. They are the non-negotiables for anyone who works with food. A dish can only get so far if the ingredients aren't as great as they could be so it’s no wonder that chefs seek out the best to work with. And, of course, the whole island offers an abundance of fresh produce and world-class ingredients.

Chefs, we are calling on you now... It's your chance to give credit to the fantastic producers and suppliers you deal with on a regular basis. Which ones do you rate? Who goes the extra mile to offer great produce and ingredients? Who are the innovators and the ones you go back to time and again? Tell us here.

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You can book your tickets for the event HERE. As the first F&W Awards to be hosted by our parent company Irish Studio, we are pulling out all the stops and we really hope you can join us for what will be a memorable day.

A fantastic menu is being created by Garry Hughes, Executive Head Chef in The Shelbourne, and lots more surprises that we'll be telling you about over the next few months. Don't miss what will be the event of the season!