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Joanne Murphy

Perfect patisserie: Everything you need to know about Medialuna Croissanterie

We'll be featuring Medialuna Croissanterie's gorgeous recipes in the October 2020 edition of FOOD&WINE Magazine.


In case you haven't heard, FOOD&WINE Magazine is about to make its triumphant return to print and will be available for free with The Business Post newspaper this Sunday, October 4th 2020.

When we planned out our first issue, we knew we needed our readers to see some gorgeous food and great recipes. The past few months have seen people around the country cooking more than ever, with sourdough, fresh pasta and banana bread some of the most popular dishes. We knew our readers were ready for a challenge, so we decided that croissants would be the perfect pastry to include in FOOD&WINE Magazine - enter Medialuna Croissanterie.

Founded by Argentinean couple Mariano Tejada and Melisa Sisterna during summer 2020, Medialuna Croissanterie serves stunningly perfect croissants with honeycomb layers, golden exteriors and exciting flavours. According to Mariano, the company was named Medialuna after a word used to describe croissants back in Argentina. "It translates as half-moon, from the crescent shape," he told us.

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While Mariano and Melisa hope to open their own store at some point next year, they initially began baking their croissants from home. Mariano, who trained as a chef and worked as a head chef in Argentina, has taken charge of the pastries, initially baking them from home while continuing his full-time job at ALMA Café in Portobello.

Starting a business is no easy feat, especially when you start it during a pandemic, but Medialuna Croissanterie has gone from strength to strength over the past couple of months, leading the duo to an exciting partnership with Cloud Picker Café on Pearse Street. 

"We identified with Mariano and Melisa as a start-up, we know what it's like to work to start a business," Peter Sztal, co-owner of Cloud Picker Coffee and Café told us about the partnership with Medialuna Croissanterie. "At first, we reached out through Instagram and chatted about selling the croissants in the café. Mariano told us that they weren't ready for wholesale, as he was working from home. I knew that we had the space and equipment here in the café for Mariano to create his croissants so that we could sell them - it worked for both of us."

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Mariano Tejada of Medialuna Croissanterie and Peter Sztal of Cloud Picker Café. Photography by Joanne Murphy.
Mariano Tejada of Medialuna Croissanterie and Peter Sztal of Cloud Picker Café. Photography by Joanne Murphy.

Now, Medialuna Croissanterie's bakes are available in-store at Cloud Picker Café from 8am until sold out on Wednesday and Saturday each week. With a range of products for sale including all-butter croissants, flavoured croissants, cruffins and more, these delicious treats sell out quickly, with Mariano telling us that they can often be reduced to crumbs before 11am! 

In case you can't make it to Pearse Street, we have you covered. Croissants can be tricky to master, but we teamed up with Mariano and Peter for a gorgeous recipe feature, featuring step-by-step instructions to make the perfect dough, as well as some easy ideas for delicious fillings and toppings.

These recipes will feature in the first issue of the all-new FOOD&WINE Magazine, available with The Business Post this Sunday, October 4th. Don't miss it!