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Jordan Mooney

The next big trends we spotted at Camden Market

Exciting food finds from one of our favourite places in London.


Many people will claim that here in Ireland we are about a year behind London when it comes to trends. So when we took a recent jaunt across the Irish Sea, we decided to examine what's up and coming in one of our favourite places: Camden Market. 

Camden Market, one of the best places to spend a day in London, is jam-packed with cool clothing stores, art installations and, best of all, food vendors. It's where we first discovered arepas, where Amy Winehouse used to work, and where Prince once opened an exclusive shop for his fans. Basically, what we're saying is that Camden Market is cool. 

We spent a day at the market to investigate what food trends we can expect to see cropping up here soon.  

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Even more vegan food 

There's nothing new about vegan food being very cool and very accessible, but we were surprised at the variety we found in Camden Market. There were vegan katsu dishes, an all-day vegan breakfast, and 'steak' and ale pies at Young Vegans, perfectly Instagrammable junk food at Rudy's Dirty Vegan Diner and every type of pastry imaginable at Norma and Nama Bakery.

To our surprise, there were nearly more vegan options available than non-vegan - so we reckon you can expect to see a lot more vegan food here soon.  

Young Vegans pie shop.
Young Vegans pie shop.

Salt beef is back 

You might not think of corned beef as the coolest food, but under the guise of salt beef, it's making a comeback. This isn't the corned beef and cabbage of your childhood however - we're talking more about American-style Reuben sandwiches, which are traditionally made with salt beef.  

Expect to see Reuben sandwiches and more pop up on menus over the next while. We're also secretly hoping to see salt beef used in things other than just sandwiches – maybe a revamped corned beef and cabbage? Fingers crossed. 

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A classic Reuben sandwich.
A classic Reuben sandwich.

The resurgence of the gin boom  

We thought the popularity of gin might start to wane a little in 2020 as the industry pushes for tequila and rum to take its place. However, Half Hitch Gin, which sells Earl Grey gin and a recently-released berry gin, has a pop-up in Camden Market where guests can distil any flavour they like into gin. 

While we've seen gin schools around Ireland allow consumers to personalise the botanicals that go into their glass, this is something completely unique: guests can literally bring anything they like and it will be made into a bottle of gin.  

The owner told us that one of the most creative combinations was based on a bag of Tayto cheese and onion crisps that an Irish tourist had brought in. As the gin revolution starts to falter, we think creative ideas like this might help to keep it going.  

Image from @halfhatchgin on Instagram.
Image from @halfhatchgin on Instagram.

South American cuisine

South American cuisine has been on the rise here in Ireland over the past while, so we were glad to see heaps of offerings at Camden Market. Venezuelan arepas hold a special place in our hearts, so it was exciting to see three different vendors offering their take on these corn muffins. 

Arepas Grill is due to open Richmond Street in Dublin soon, so if you can't make it to Camden to try these sandwiches, there's a delicious alternative available right here in the city. 

We also saw some delicious Colombian food on offer from Maize Blaze, where everything is gluten-free and jam-packed with flavour. Could this be the next big cuisine to take Dublin by storm? Stay tuned. 

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Crazy desserts 

Doughnuts have had their day, nitro ice cream has been and gone, so what's next in terms of wacky desserts? Well, it seems as though dessert trends are leaning towards the treats of days gone by; think childhood favourites like cookie dough, insane candyfloss and 'chimney' cakes, which are basically cones of dough that can hold ice cream, sauces or any filling your heart desires.  

We've seen lots of cookie dough bars pop up in the States and now that they're in London, we expect to see this sweet offering in Dublin sooner rather than later. 

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