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Forget sourdough, focaccia art is your next big cooking project

The latest Instagram bread craze is all about beautiful bakes.


If you're sick of banana bread and have drunk your fill of Dalgona coffees, then it's time to undertake a new quarantine cooking project.

Most of us have been working from home for the last nine weeks, trying to navigate society's new normal. Throughout this trying period, it seems that everyone and their mother has rediscovered a love of baking and cooking. We've seen banana bread come and go, sourdough has had its day and we think the whipped coffee trend is now over as quickly as it appeared. 

If you need a new project to fill your time, Instagram has highlighted a brand-new trend for us to enjoy: focaccia art.

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What is focaccia art?

Whether you call it focaccia art, garden focaccia, gardenscape focaccia or the focaccia challenge, this new trend is all about beautiful looking bread. At its core, this craze is all about Italian-style bread decorated with herbs and vegetables.

Focaccia is a yeasted dough with a texture similar to pizza dough, often prepared with olive oil and herbs. It has a thick airy crumb with a light and flavourful crust, making it perfect for sandwiches. It's also commonly seen on menus as a side or starter served with oil and vinegar. 

Focaccia art involves decorating the top of your focaccia with vegetables to create a garden scene, usually involving flowers and trees. We've seen chives used as stems, tomatoes used as flowers and olives as the grass, resulting in incredibly artistic bakes.

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How to make focaccia art

Making bread is a relaxing activity, which is why so many people have turned to it during this time of unease. We have a couple of great focaccia recipes available on the site which you can use to start your focaccia art project. 

Once your focaccia has had its initial prove, knock it back and shape it in your tin for its second and final prove. Then, grab your favourite herbs and vegetables – think rosemary, parsley, chives, peppers, spring onions, tomatoes – and decorate your dough as you see fit. Get creative with it, then bake your bread and watch it bloom!

We scrolled through Instagram to find some of our favourite samples, check them our below.

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Are we all still consuming carbs at an unchecked rate? I’ve been on a trip driving across the country and really missing cooking and my kitchen - eating out just starts to weigh me down after a bit! • I was scrolling through pics to take my mind off of how many snacks I just inhaled and realized I never shared the finished photo of the gardenscape focaccia! This is a favorite video of mine and such a fun way to get creative with all those random fridge scraps, especially now! • • Check out Gardenscape foccacia on Tasty.co and share with me if you make a masterpiece of your own! • • Quick tip - it’s worth it to let the dough ferment in the fridge overnight, it helps the flavors develop and makes for a more moist bread with better crumb! 

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Lots of focaccias going on at my house lately & recipes on my website. Today I’m reposting a throwback from Feb 2019 that you can find on my grid way, way down there somewhere. Back then I mentioned something about spring fever - and this time around spring fever is a little different. We’re doing our part, staying at home, isolating - getting the garden into swing and baking & cooking up lots for the website. My husband is still seeing patients, fighting the fight but doing more telemedicine, thank God. My boys are well - taking this very seriously & not going out. I’m taking care of my 89yo mom, we have her cocooned. Thankful for health & family. Thinking of you all & hoping you’re well. See below if you’d like details on the focaccia. Xo Sara Sourdough Focaccia - but you can easily omit the starter and replace it with 1 sachet of active dry yeast. It’s classic - light and airy crumb with crispy top & bottom. I also have another focaccia coming up very shortly to Instagram but you can find it now on my blog - both of these are there. Link is in my BIO. I have topping and decorating suggestions, as well. If you’re postponing a family gathering, feel free to bookmark and come back to this later. It does make for a decent table or buffet centerpiece - especially if you have little helpers doing the decorating. #focaccia #focacciabread #focacciaart #italianbread #edibleart #livomadre #pane #panefattoincasa #quarantinecooking #herbs

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The internet went crazy over the Focaccia art challenge, and of course I couldn’t miss the opportunity to bake another bread. So here’s my first attempt at making art out of herbs and dough. This is a super crusty sourdough focaccia with all kind of greens from my garden, sage, lovage, parsley, thyme and spring onions. Slide to see the “sketch” before painting. #DeMancare#focacciaart#focaccia #FoodPhotography #FoodPhotographer #FoodPic #FoodPictures #FoodPics #FoodGram #FoodArt #FeedFeed #FoodStylist #Foodie_Features #Foodography#yummy#FoodieAdventures #LoveFood #FeedFeed #FeedYourSoul#DeMancare #FoodBlogger #FoodBlog #Foodstagram #InstaBlogger #InstagramBlog#Nutrition #HealthyEating #Vegetarian #HealthyLife

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