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It's official! Chocolate orange was the biggest food trend of 2020

If 2020 was good for anything, it was the resurgence of the classic flavour profile that is chocolate and orange.


These days, there are few products which don’t have some sort of chocolate orange spin-off, and they’re flying off the shelves in their droves.

2020 has been rough. 

Sure, it started out fun: Parasite won big at The Oscars, Bernie Sanders entered the presidential race in a bid to save America and Harry Styles was going on a world tour. It was shaping up to be quite the year...and then COVID-19 happened. Suddenly, countries all across the world went into lockdown, millions died and life as we knew it was over. 

Suddenly our kitchen tables became at-home offices, happy hour was conducted over Zoom and we all baked banana bread as if our life depended on it. Though being restricted to our own four walls for months on end came with its own struggles, there was one saving grace: chocolate orange. 

If you hadn't already noticed from your essential trips to the supermarket, chocolate orange is having somewhat of a moment. Long gone are the days when flavours such as sea-salted caramel or peanut butter dominated our sweet tooth cravings. Now, as the evenings get darker and Christmas is right around the corner, chocolate orange flavoured treats are taking over the supermarket shelves. 

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It all began back in 1932 when Terry's invented the eponymous Chocolate Orange. An orange-shaped, orange-flavoured ball of chocolate divided into 20 segments and wrapped in orange-skin patterned foil, the Terry's Chocolate Orange has become a cult-favourite amongst chocolate lovers. Now, almost ninety years later the flavour profile has evolved into a trend that has completely taken over the food industry in 2020. 

This year alone has seen over 30 new product launches from a variety of brands - all with orange as the prevailing flavour. Most notably, we've seen the launch of Cadbury's Orange Twirls, which first went on sale as a limited edition release in September 2019. The chocolate bar was so popular that the brand held a pre-sale event when they returned to the shops again in August this year.

And chocolate bars aren’t the only products getting a chocolate orange inspired twist in 2020, either.

You can now get everything from chocolate orange biscuits and ice cream to chocolate orange gin and coffee – and as the festive period approaches and more seasonal treats are announced, there's no doubt we’ll see plenty more chocolate orange-inspired products hit the shelves.

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So, to pay respects to the sweet yet rich chocolate underdog that is chocolate orange, we’ve created a list of the greatest chocolate orange inspired treats that have launched this year, to give you some extra foodie inspiration for this year’s festive period.

Cadbury chocolate orange twirl bar

If it weren't for orange Twirls, we're not sure we'd have been able to get through 2020. Available in supermarkets, newsagents and garages nationwide. 

Cadbury chocolate orange buttons

Cadbury got another clue about the appetite for chocolate orange when they released Cadbury Dairy Milk Giant Buttons back in September. The sharing bags are available now from Tesco and convenience stores. These are divine, moreish, and not share size despite what the bag says.

McVitie’s VIBs luscious blood orange

Described as its “finest biscuit to date”, McVitie’s Very Important Biscuits landed on selected supermarket shelves this summer and rolled nationwide in September. As well as Classic Caramel Bliss and Heavenly Chocolate Hazelnut flavours, the range also tapped the citrus trend with a Luscious Blood Orange flavour.

M&S Orange chocolate biscuits 

Granted, these are by no means a 'recent' launch but the Extremely Chocolate range from M&S is a must-try to sample if you haven't already. Whether enjoyed on their own or accompanied by a hot a cup of tea, these chocolate orange butter biscuits are a real treat. 

Toblerone orange twist

Toblerone has previously stuck to some traditional flavours – milk, white, dark and a fruit and nut version are all permanent editions. However, earlier this year the creators of Toblerone chocolate decided to get ahead of the trend when they launched the Toblerone Orange Twist. 

Galaxy chocolate orange truffles

Speaking of delicious chocolate, Galaxy has recently launched an orange version of its Galaxy Truffles. The creamy chocolatey treat already comes in milk chocolate and caramel flavours and has inspired its very own hot chocolate. Now, in the flavour of the season, fans can enjoy the velvety centred Galaxy chocolates with a citrus truffle filling. The truffles are available now exclusively to Tesco, right in time for the festive season to begin!

Cadbury orange chocolate fingers

Following the success of not only the chocolate orange Twirl and Giant Buttons, but Cadbury's also moved yet another of its popular products into orange last month. These tasty bites can be found on supermarket shelves nationwide. 

Tesco orange chocolate bourbons

Both Bourbon and Custard Creams are staples in every biscuit jar. And while you can't beat a classic, you can improve it. Or, at least that was the thinking behind the flavour creators at Tesco. Jumping right on board the chocolate orange trend, Tesco has released its very own chocolate orange bourbons. Inside you’ll find the classic chocolate biscuit but with a smooth orange flavoured creamy filling.

Chocolate orange Viennetta

An icecream cake synonymous with birthdays, it's fitting really that Viennetta has launched a limited edition of the classic treat just in time for Christmas. Featuring chocolate orange ice cream sandwiched between thick layers of dark chocolate, it's priced at €3 for a 650ml block and is available to buy now in supermarkets nationwide.

Magnum mini chocolate & orange ice cream

Proving that ice cream is not just for summer, Magnum has launched new Magnum Mini Chocolate & Orange ice cream. The perfect size for an after-supper treat or a mid-afternoon snack, Magnum Minis have already proven to be a great success reaching sell-out status just 24 hours after its release. Thankfully, back in stock everywhere, these new minis are filled with creamy chocolate and orange flavoured ice cream and coated in the classic cracking Magnum milk chocolate shell. While Magnum Minis are commonly sold in mixed flavour packs, these are sold in packs of six, all of the new Chocolate and Orange flavour. 

Little’s chocolate orange instant coffee

Who said instant coffee had to be boring? Transform your morning coffee into something extra special with this chocolate orange blend from Little’s. Shop Chocolate Orange Instant Coffee by Little’s at Holland & Barrett with prices starting at €3.99.

Lindt Lindor milk chocolate orange 

Just when you taught Lindt's chocolate truffle couldn't possibly taste any nicer, they go ahead and launch a chocolate orange variation. 

Lidl chocolate orange gin

As part of its winter-themed Spirits Festival, Lidl is launching a Chocolate Orange Gin. Arriving in stores on November 3, the Brecon Chocolate Orange Gin boasts flavours of powdery cocoa and silky vanilla with bursts of sweet orange and an unmistakably full-bodied juniper.

M&S chocolate orange Christmas pudding

While each and every one of the items on the list would make for the perfect Christmas dessert, this chocolate orange Christmas pudding from M&S is a real showstopper. 

Hotel Chocolat chocolate macarons

 These chocolate macarons were introduced as part of Hotel Chocolat’s Valentine’s Day range earlier this year. Designed to resemble the French patisserie classic, the confections are made from milk chocolate discs sandwiched together with creamy orange whip. 

Terry's white chocolate orange

No chocolate orange roundup would be complete without a mention of the creators that started it all. Terry’s has announced that the iconic Chocolate Orange is now available in a white chocolate version. For just €3, chocolate orange devotees can mix up their usual taste sensation with an even sweeter treat. 

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