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Jack charlton remy
Jack Charlton, head of brand ambassadors RCUK

Celebrating responsible luxury with Rémy Martin

Rémy Martin is leading the way when it comes to sustainability – and making memories this festive season says Jack Charlton, head of brand ambassadors RCUK. Brought to you partnership with Rémy Martin


Widely regarded as one of the finest cognac houses in the world, fans of Rémy Martin may already know that sustainability is sewn into the DNA of the brand.

The earth and nurturing its various elements have always been priorities for this historic house and in 2007 Rémy Martin announced a sustainability action plan. This wide-reaching and forward focused plan covers not only its vineyards, but also the wider environmental, social and economic impact on the planet. “What springs to mind for me is the balance,” Jack Charlton, head of brand ambassadors RCUK says. “It’s the yin and yang between the heritage side of Rémy Martin and looking to the future and what that means for us. Investing in the land, looking at our packaging and all our corporate social responsibility (CSR) things. It's that nice balance between the two. The traditionalism versus the modernity.”

Sustainability is so intrinsic to the cognac house that perhaps Rémy Martin does not highlight it as much as it should. From the beginning there has been a focus on nurturing the land and championing responsible business practices. Silent sustainability, Charlton calls it as he explains how businesses like
Rémy Martin are realising the importance of highlighting the work and ethos that exist behind the scenes. “It's almost as if people have been too humble to talk about but I think it's needed now because it’s going to bring everyone on board,” he explains.

“We're not talking about sustainability because it looks good on Instagram but because it's a necessity. It's something we need to have in our daily lives, whether it’s small things like recycling or not wasting lots of food or the bigger things that companies are doing around waste, packaging, reduction and investing back into the land. Having better growing conditions, better working conditions for our growers and things like that. It's one of those holistic processes and something that you're going to be improving every single day. For Rémy Martin, sustainability is a journey. It's not a destination.”

This culture of sustainability and responsible luxury pairs beautifully with the world of gastronomy. Rémy Martin is the Michelin Guide’s global spirit partner for a second year and the cognac house has been focusing on creating sustainable supper clubs with exciting talents around the world. “We've done some pairings with zero waste chefs and closed loop dining programmes,” Charlton explains. This festive season you can bring that feeling and ethos into your own home and, according to Charlton, it’s something many of us are planning to do. “People want to eat and drink better and make it memorable.” 

“Rather than having five Christmas parties I think people will have one big one and make it count. “For me it’s about celebrating history and heritage but also in a responsible way. So that means not wasting food and perhaps making sure there’s leftovers that you can infuse into a cocktail. It’s about new ways of celebrating responsible luxury.”

Rémy Festive Sidecar

This classic cocktail is perfect for the Christmas season


  • 35ml Rémy Martin 1738
  • 20ml Cointreau
  • 15ml fresh lemon
  • 5ml gingerbread syrup


  1. Shake and double strain into a frozen martini glass.
  2. Garnish with lemon zest.

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Brought to you in partnership with  Rémy Martin