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Willie byrne big night edit
Willie Byrne

Big Night: Willie Byrne of Billy Byrne's Bar

Where will you eat when everything goes back to normal?


At some point, our world will return to normal - even if it is a new normal. But where will we go for our first night out?

We asked some well-known names in the Irish food and drinks industry to tell us what they're planning when restrictions are lifted. Today we spoke to Willie Byrne who owns Billy Byrne's Bar in Kilkenny city:

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"This might be a bit of an ask, but for my first night out after all this is over, the place I most want to go to is the past! I want to recreate a train journey to Dublin that I took in 1985, jump in a taxi at the station, and ask the driver to drop me off at the best little pub there is. He’ll know where I mean. 

Once there, I’ll bag a seat at the bar and order a pint of Guinness and a delicious toasted ham and cheese sandwich with extra mustard. Where? It can only be Grogan’s Castle Lounge, which is exactly the same today as it was back then. I'll sit on the same stool, settle in with a newspaper, return the nod from the barman and bask in the beautiful conversations around me."

Billy Byrne's Bar is closed right now, but you can keep up with the team on social media.

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