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Will meara anti social

Big Night: Will Meara of Event Labs

Where will you eat when everything goes back to normal?


At some point, our world will return to normal - even if it is a new normal. But where will we go for our first night out?

We asked some well-known names in the Irish food and drinks industry to tell us what they're planning when restrictions are lifted. Today, we spoke to Will Meara, director of Dublin entertainment company Event Labs, which is behind events like Bingo Loco:

"One of the most recent finds that I had stumbled upon before our world was turned upside down was Mister S on Camden Street, where the menu offers a great variety of really delicious things. A real highlight is the beef rendang spring rolls - anyone I've brought with me to try them has found them to nothing short of orgasmic. 

Their take away menus during lockdown always sell out so fast that I've only been fortunate enough to avail of it once, but I'll be putting my running shoes on to get there as soon as the doors are open once more. The location also means that you've got plenty of places to grab a tipple all around you either before or after dinner - so you'll be able to keep those catch-ups going well into the night with pals you won't have seen for weeks!"

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