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Big Night: Sheena Dignam of Galway Food Tours

Where will you eat when everything goes back to normal?


At some point, our world will return to normal - even if it is a new normal. But where will we go for our first night out?

We asked some well-known names in the Irish food and drinks industry to tell us what they're planning when restrictions are lifted. Today, we spoke to Sheena Dignam of Galway Food Tours:

"What I miss most is the people, the contact, the craic and energy... I would begin with a cup of Calendar Coffee in Coffewerk & Press to start the day on the right foot. Then I would head a few metres up the street to our beautiful market and straight over to Micheal Brown for some oysters, a catch-up and a few jokes; then a sneaky doughnut (I have been thinking about them a lot) from the wonderful Danny.

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Then it's over to Neachtain's for a creamy pint of porter. I would sit outside and give a nod and a 'how are ya' to all the familiar faces. I'd head over the bridge to the Westend to The Universal for a tasty aperitif - one of their cocktails, maybe a Margarita with no salt. 

Finally, it's into Kai for a beautiful steak or lamb chops - I've been thinking about them a lot as well - and a nice glass of natural wine picked by Ruairí, the sommelier."

Galway Food Tours are currently not running, but you can book a voucher for a future tour here

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