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Big Night: Peter Sztal and Frank Kavanagh of Cloud Picker Coffee

Where will you eat when everything goes back to normal?


At some point, our world will return to normal - even if it is a new normal. But where will we go for our first night out?

We asked some well-known names in the Irish food and drinks industry to tell us what they're planning when restrictions are lifted.  This time it's Peter Sztal and Frank Kavanagh of Cloud Picker Coffee.

The first thing we'll do when the current reality is over is get on the road. Our destination? Kai in Galway. 

Image: kairestaurant.ie
Image: kairestaurant.ie

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We're going to hit the M4 with Britney blaring on the stereo. Hopefully, the weather will be somewhat acceptable, because after checking into the Stop B&B we're going to get a bag of cans and meet Jess and Dave from Kai at the Sparch. We'll have 'a couple' of civilised drinks in the sun, then we'll head over to Kai. 

Hopefully, they have their Kentucky fried pheasant on that night or pickled mussels or some crab dish. To be honest we'll be happy with any dish, because anything that comes out of that kitchen is loaded with love, fun and a decent amount of butter which is the basis of Jess's gastronomic generosity. She smothers you in all three. 

We'll have the laughs and maybe a cry too. When the candles are blown in Kai we'll stroll down the road to the Universal for a night cap of Negroni or something of that magnitude. 

Cloudpicker is delivering nationwide. See the website for more.