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Bray matter the duggan family business flip
Conor and Nicola DugganPhoto by Fergal Phillips

Big Night: Conor and Nicola Duggan

Where will you eat when all of this is over?


At some point, our world will return to normal - even if it is a new normal. But where will we go for our first night out?

We asked some well-known names in the Irish food and drinks industry to tell us what they're planning when restrictions are lifted.

First up: Conor and Nicola Duggan, who own The Harbour Bar, Platform Pizza and Box Burger in Bray, Co Wicklow

We love nothing more than drinking a few pints of Guinness while sitting at the bar counter of a real Dublin pub. I am not sure what we miss most - the Guinness, or the craic and the buzz of the pub. Probably both! We also really miss eating in places that serve great casual food; we love ordering small plates and sharing dishes. 

We very rarely leave Bray, the town we live and work in, but we love to get to Dublin city for a date. So our first night out will definitely involve a couple of great pints of Guinness in Devitts on Camden Street  - you'll find us sitting at the counter - and then a stroll around the corner to our friend Tom in Sprezzatura.

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Ideally, we will sit at the large shared table and choose from the amazing selection of handmade pasta dishes and small plates, while enjoying some wine on tap. We are remaining positive during these times, and as much as we are all unsure of what the future holds for our business, we know that when we get to do this, both the drinks and the food will be amazing.

Box Burger and Platform Pizza are both open for delivery and collection, with at-home boxes available to order on stuffuneed.ie.

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