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Photo by Monika Grabkowska on Unsplash

The food trends you need to know about for 2020, according to Pinterest

According to Pinterest, the food scene is about to get a shake up.


Pinterest, the virtual noticeboard giant, has released its list of trends for 2020.

Last year, the social media site speculated that avocados (unsurprisingly), oats and mushrooms would be big for 2019 and they were absolutely bang on with their predictions. This year's food trends section showed us a few surprises and a few trends that we can't wait to get involved in. Read on to find out what Pinterest thinks will be big in 2020.

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Sustainable swaps

2019's wave of sustainability will keep rolling through 2020 with searches for eco-friendly product swaps up by 172 per cent last year. We expect to see a lot more fabric napkins, glass bottles and overall removal of straws going forward. 

Chicory root 

Move over coffee, as it looks like chicory root is set to take centre stage this year. Thought to have anti-inflammatory properties, reduce blood sugar and improve digestion, chicory root can be ground and brewed into a hot drink with a flavour similar to coffee, but it's completely caffeine-free. While this drink has been floating around since the 1800s when French coffee supplies were at an all-time low, we think chicory root will become the new matcha tea this year. 

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Chicory-infused cold brew from @thefathen on Instagram.
Chicory-infused cold brew from @thefathen on Instagram.

Cucumber juice

First, it was spinach juice, then it was beetroot juice and now, it looks like 2020 will be the year of cucumber juice. Searches for cucumber juice benefits rose by 99 per cent last year, so it looks like the latest food trend will definitely be cucumber juice. Look out for it in your favourite trendy salad bar, coffee shop or health food store. 


We thought that the homebrew revolution had reached its peak a few years ago when brands like Wicklow Wolf were born from homebrewing clubs. Now, it seems that homebrewing is set for another spike, as searches for brewing equipment were up 411 per cent last year. If you don't know someone that's already homebrewing, then you will by the end of the year. You never know, they could become the next big beer brand!

Macedonian meals

As the world continues to open its eyes to the delicious cuisine of other nations, we're delighted to see that Macedonian food will rise to the forefront of the culinary scene. This trend was particularly well-researched in Australia, so once it rises to popularity down under, it will quickly spread throughout the rest of the globe, so we're excited to see Irish restaurants offer us their take on kebapi (sausages) and tavche gravche (baked beans).

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Macedonian kebapi from @thebalkanbutler on Instagram.
Macedonian kebapi from @thebalkanbutler on Instagram.

Arabic desserts

Searches for Arabic desserts will be all over menus this year, especially in Canada and Algeria, as searches rose by more than 400 per cent last year. Look out for lots of date-based treats, rosewater, milk puddings and more. 

West African food

We're big fans of Mama Shee's food stall, but we think that this is the year we see African cuisine properly explode in Ireland. Look out for jollof rice, peanut soup and Sengalese chicken yassa on menus, but if you can't find it, head to Merrion Square on Thursday to visit Mama Shee and don't skip the plantain. You can also find her new product range in select supermarkets.

Mama Shee's joloff rice.
Mama Shee's joloff rice.