Editor Dee Laffan with the team from The Legal Eagle, winner of Pub Food of the Year

Editor Dee Laffan with the team from The Legal Eagle, winner of Pub Food of the Year Paul Sherwood

With an ever-changing menu, an eye for sustainability and one particularly good crisp sandwich, The Legal Eagle is a worthy winner of this year’s Pub Food of the Year award at our 2018 FOOD&WINE Awards in association with Nespresso Professional.

Although it features 20 craft beers, over 200 wines and a carefully curated cocktail menu, The Legal Eagle prides itself on its food. With executive chef Ian Connolly always aiming to create exciting food, The Legal Eagle tries to make the English tradition of pub grub more Irish, leaning on traditional Irish flavours of the past.

Recalling its inception, Elaine Murphy, Director of The Legal Eagle and its sister restaurants, says she has “really been obsessed with the idea of a grown-up bar with grown-up food since I fell in love with The Eagle in London’s Farringdon in the nineties, and here was a pub called The Legal Eagle.. It was meant to be!”.

It is commitment to good quality, traditional Irish food that cements The Legal Eagle’s reputation as a local gem.

The menu features innovative twists on classic dishes, such as Irish potato flatbreads (think bacon, cabbage and parsley sauce), alongside traditional Irish peasant food, such as Haslet, a kind of cold pork meatloaf. A quick glance at the menu lists Doherty’s black pudding, Bermingham’s corned mutton and Ballycotton smoked salmon, as well as Wicklow strawberry wine and Irish Farmhouse cheeses.

The Legal Eagle, located in Dublin 7, right beside the Four Courts, wowed our judging panel with its nose-to-tail sense of dining. Commenting on this ethos, Elaine says:

“The more I thought about it, the more I realised that ‘nose-to-tail’ sits alongside a celebration of vegetables very comfortably! Both are a celebration of produce and we hope to use some lesser celebrated vegetables and vegetable tops.”

Believing that veganism is not the only route towards sustainability in food, Elaine wants the Irish public to embrace food of the past, such as tripe and onions. This type of peasant food will allow us to create further sustainability as we use every part of the animal or vegetable, wasting only the bare minimum.

Speaking to F&W on their recent win, Elaine commented:

We are very happy with the response and think we slide right into a new era of food in Dublin. The award from FOOD&WINE is such a huge accolade. It’s also a really important recognition of the changing culinary landscape we’re in. The standard and style of pub dining is evolving in ever-more interesting directions. We couldn’t be happier!”

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You’ll find The Legal Eagle at ½ Chancery Place, Dublin 7