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Food for Thought announces exciting new charity event

Tickets will go on sale at 10am on August 15 via Eventbrite.


The dining series, founded by chef Dan Hannigan of Orwell Road, raises funds for suicide prevention charity 3TS.

Well known for his incredible charity work, Dan Hannigan and his Food for Thought series is back with an exciting new format to help raise money for suicide prevention.

Founded in 2017, Food for Thought runs events in collaboration with other chefs and restaurants in order to support 3TS suicide prevention charity and raise awareness of suicide prevention in Ireland. Previous events have centred around pop-up style dinners that take place in different restaurants around Dublin where Hannigan and friends curate tasting menus for diners. 

Now, Hannigan has opted for an exciting new format for his first post-pandemic event, which will take place on Saturday, September 3. 

Titled 'Big Night Out', this new event will see top restaurants take part in the evening, offering a premium menu that costs just €150 per person. Tickets will be sold on EventBrite and, in an interesting twist, restaurants will be allocated randomly upon purchase to create a blind sale of sorts. Tables will be limited to one per restaurant so guests are in for a serious treat. Restaurants signed up for the event are as follows:

  • Liath
  • Library Street
  • Charlotte Quay
  • Orwell Road
  • Woodruff
  • Locks
  • Michael's 
  • Uno Mas
  • Richmond
  • Note
  • Variety Jones
  • Host 
  • Mister S
  • Mr Fox
  • Delahunt
  • Rosa Madre

The event was founded by Hannigan after his own personal experience of losing his father to suicide when he was five. Hannigan believes that food can be a uniting force and hopes that Food for Thought can remind us all that there is no burden that cannot be lessened by sharing it with friends. 

Speaking about this first post-pandemic event, Hannigan says that he is delighted to be able to organise these events again. 

“It’s great to be back and in a position to do this again. We wanted to do something different both for us, the chefs and for our supporters," Hannigan explains. "The best part is that every single participating restaurant is somewhere that people would genuinely want to eat, so everyone is a winner, although I’m sure some guests will have their eye on one of their own favourites!”

“The pandemic was really hard on everyone, specifically on restaurants and the hospitality industry. Now, more than ever, it’s important for restaurants to be mindful of how their teams are doing and looking at ways of decreasing the stresses and strains that are all too present in the pressure cooker that can be kitchen life.”

“All monies raised from this initiative will go directly towards providing SafeTalk, which has been described as ‘first aid training’ for those at risk of suicide, self harm and mental strain to all of the participating restaurants."

Speaking about plans for future events, Hannigan said he has big plans.

“We are hoping that this will be the first of many events and we would like to take the activity outside of Dublin in the coming year so that more of Ireland’s best restaurants from all around the country can participate."

Tickets for the event will go on sale at 10am on August 15 on EventBrite and interested parties are advised that tickets will sell out quickly.  Please note that alcohol will not be included in the price of the tickets. 

For further information on Suicide Prevention Charity 3TS, please visit 3ts.ie.