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Majken Bech Bailey and Jordan Bailey.Paul Sherwood

Aimsir Takes Home Top Prizes At The 2019 FOOD AND WINE Awards

Aimsir was named Best Restaurant Leinster, while the team also took home a slew of awards.


Newly-opened Aimsir restaurant in Kildare was one of the big winners at the 2019 FOOD AND WINE Awards in association with Rémy Martin.

Helmed by Jordan Bailey and Majken Bech Bailey, the restaurant opened earlier this year to massive applause and rave reviews from critics and diners alike. This is Irish food like you've never seen it before, with Jordan's kitchen team producing dishes that highlight the very best of our seasons and produce. Out on the floor, Majken makes sure that every guest feels perfectly at home as they settle in for the multi-course experience. A trip to Aimsir isn't just dinner, it's a unique exploration of Ireland.

Jordan Bailey from Aimsir. Photo: Paul Sherwood.
Jordan Bailey from Aimsir. Photo: Paul Sherwood.

At the 2019 FOOD AND WINE Awards, the restaurant and its team were lauded in several categories: Jordan took home Best Chef Leinster and was highly commended in the Rising Star of the Year category, Majken was highly commended in the Host of the Year Category, Cathryn Steunenberg was named Sommelier of the Year, Rose O'Toole was named fifth best restaurant bartender in the country and the restaurant, of course, was named best chef Leinster.

These accolades come as no surprise to those that have been to this outstanding restaurant or to those who have been following Jordan and Majken's careers. Jordan won three Michelin stars for Maaemo in Norway during his time there, which was also where Majken began her journey of creating unique non-alcoholic juices. Since coming to Ireland, the pair have travelled the country to find the very best produce and to further understand the seasons. The result is a 24-seat restaurant where provenance is king, wowing guests who are lucky enough to be able to snag a table. 

With so many amazing titles already under its belt, this newly opened restaurant has had an exciting year. We spoke to Jordan Bailey to find out how he felt about winning these awards, what we can expect of him and Majken and whether a Michelin star might be on the cards...

How did it feel to win all of these awards?

"It was incredible for the whole team and more than anything, it is confirmation that we're doing the right thing. It's always nice to get noticed and appreciated. It's a bit crazy to have won since we only opened recently months, so getting three amazing accolades was unexpected but well-received. Our incredible for team worked so hard for the past while and obviously things are working out well. The awarads were such a great day, they were the first awards I've ever been to. It was incredible to meet other people from industry and you can talk to all the people you've heard about. It's a nice networking event, as everyone is great form.

What can we expect from you and Aimsir over the next while? The release of the new Michelin Guide is coming up soon, do you have any hopes for that?

"To get anything from Michelin would be amazing. We're only open a few months, so it's nice to just be thought about, to get a mention or to be shortlisted. We are extremely new and to get big accolades, normally you need to be open a year, so to get anything would be a miracle!

In terms of Aimsir, we've got a long way to go as everything is so new. I'm still trying to get my head around seasons and find new suppliers, so this year will be exciting."

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