edwards-cheat-tiramisHazel Coonagh

There are so many different versions of tiramisu out there but this simple version is still Edward Hayden’s favourite and can be prepared in minutes

Serves 6

  • 2 cups strong black coffee
  • 3 tablespoons Tia Maria/brandy/amaretto
  • 200g mascarpone cheese
  • 200ml whipped cream
  • 18-24 boudoir biscuits
  • Cocoa powder, to garnish

1. Place the coffee and alcohol into a flat dish.

2. Select six serving glasses. I love to use some Irish coffee glasses as I think these can look really good.

3. Mix together the mascarpone cheese with the whipped cream and add in three tablespoons of the coffee mixture.

4. Dip each biscuit (only when required) into the coffee mixture and decoratively layer them up in the serving glasses, placing some of the creamy mixture in between each layer.

5. Finish with a layer of the creamy filling and then dust liberally with cocoa powder just before serving. It is best to leave them to rest for an hour or two before serving.

TIP: If you wish you could double this mixture and build it in a flat baking dish as a large dessert option.

This recipe originally appeared in FOOD&WINE Magazine, September 2016

Recipe credit: Edward Hayden

Photography credit: Hazel Coonagh

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