One of Ireland's best-loved chefs for his fail-safe delicious recipes and just being an absolute gent, Edward Hayden is also a great friend and contributor of FOOD&WINE. Here he shares two of his favourite festive recipes and the memories attached to them for him. 

Battenberg Cake 

"Christmas, and indeed the food we eat at Christmas, is very much steeped in tradition and nostalgia and there are so many different brands of sweets, biscuits, and chocolates that we all continue to buy year after year. Well, Christmas baking is a little like that also and our household at Christmas always enjoyed a Battenberg Cake, or chapel window cake as we called it, and so I now look forward to making a delicious version every year." 

Deep Filled Apple & Mincemeat Crumble Cake

"This is a most unusual recipe... is it a cake, is it a crumble? Who knows?! Whatever category you wish to put it in it, it is a wonderful cake to have for family and friends to enjoy over the season of goodwill.

Bear in mind it does take a little bit of preparation, so take your time when working your way through the recipe, but it can be very successfully frozen so it means you will have one less dessert to worry about on Christmas eve!"

If you try either or both of Edward's fab recipes, make sure and let us know how you get on and tag him on social media @edwardentertains. 

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