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Three wines to try this International Sauvignon Blanc Day

These wines cater to every palate.


Today is International Sauvignon Blanc Day so to celebrate we've picked three of our favourite wines for you to try today. 

Love it or loathe it, sauvignon blanc is one of the most popular types of white wine there is. More often than not, when dining with a group sauv blanc is the go-to white option as it's usually a crowdpleaser with a pleasant flavour profile. 

In certain wine circles, sauvignon blanc is seen as boring - over-ordered and mass-produced like its counterparts pinot grigio and, of course, chardonnay before it. I completely disagree with this, however, as there are many delicious sauvignon blanc wines available on the market, providing nuance, flavour and a clean crispness.

As the old saying goes, if ain't broken, don't fix it, so if you enjoy sauv blanc like I do, then today is the day for you. Ignore the naysayers and pop open your favourite bottle tonight to toast the upcoming weekend - I'll be sending you a virtual cheers, wherever in the world you are today. 

Need some inspiration? I've rounded up three of my favourite sauvignon blanc wines below for you to try today.

Laurent Lebled ‘La Sauvignonne’ 

Available from nattywine.ie for €27.50

La Sauvignonne isn't your typical wine - natural and unfiltered, this skin-contact white has a pleasant orange colour and is made in the Loire region of France using 100 per cent sauvignon blanc grapes. Although it hasn't been officially certified, Lebled's wines are organic, resulting in a natural wine that's jam-packed with flavour. You'll find gorgeous acidity in this bottle, along with tropical flavours of passionfruit, as well as pear and citrus notes, plus an appealing smokiness. This is a wine that's perfect for summer, but it's a little unusual if you're not used to natural wines. I recommend you try it out and if you like it, stock up on a few bottles for upcoming sunny weekends. Like many whites, this sauvignon blanc goes well with seafood - try it with sushi and wasabi for a perfect match - or spicy South East Asian flavours. 

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La Sauvignonne, image by @compagnon_winebistro on Instagram.
La Sauvignonne, image by @compagnon_winebistro on Instagram.

Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc

Available from retailers around the country, including Whelehans Wines (€35), O'Briens, SuperValu, Tesco and more

It's likely you've heard of Cloudy Bay and for good reason - it's one of the most popular sauvignon blanc wines on the market. Produced in the Marlborough region of New Zealand, Cloudy Bay was one of the first wineries to set up shop in the area and has gone on to gain a cult-like following since its inception in 1985. This dry, acidic white is vibrant on the palate with zesty notes of citrus, passionfruit and grapefruit. It pairs really well with food, like seafood of course, but also goats cheese and greens. 

Cloudy Bay sauvignon blanc, image by @cloudybay on Instagram.
Cloudy Bay sauvignon blanc, image by @cloudybay on Instagram.

Pinuaga Sauvignon Blanc

Priced around €14.50, available from Molloys, Mitchell & Sons, and more

The Pinuaga family have been producing wine in the Spanish province of Toledo since 1960, focusing on organic wines made with old vines. Aged in stainless steel tanks instead of traditional oak, this young, straw-coloured sauvignon blanc is perfect for easy drinking. 

Once it's allowed to breathe, you'll find some tropical notes of mango on the nose with juicy citrus acidity on the palate. I like it with spicy food, like Thai curry or jerk chicken, as well as light pasta dishes and salad. This is another wine that's perfect for summer and at such a reasonable price point, there's no harm in trying it out. 

Pinuaga sauvignon blanc, image from @bodegaspinuaga on Instagram.
Pinuaga sauvignon blanc, image from @bodegaspinuaga on Instagram.

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