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1738 royal sidecar

Raise your glass to Rémy Martin

Brought to you in partnership with Rémy Martin.


In a year like no other, why not enjoy some luxury this Christmas?

Founded in 1724, Rémy Martin is the only luxury cognac brand to have been created by a winemaker. In the intervening centuries, it has gone from strength to strength and is now known as one of the best cognacs in the world.

Hailing from north of Bordeaux in France, Rémy Martin has a wonderfully harmonious flavour with a range of floral, fruity and spicy aromas. While each expression in the collection can be enjoyed on its own, they also pair beautifully with a whole host of foods, from cheese and chocolate to seafood and dried fruits. So while we may not be able to get out quite as much as we’d like to this festive season, Rémy Martin offers many opportunities for exciting food pairings at home. (See box below for some delicious ideas.)

What differentiates Rémy Martin is the focus on producing exclusively Cognac Fine Champagne, only using grapes from the two most sought-after growing regions in Cognac. The chalky soil in the region is critical for growing grapes that produce a wine high in acidity, which when distilled results in eaux-de-vie with exceptional ageing potential.

Brand ambassador Jack Charlton
Brand ambassador Jack Charlton

If you’re looking for a luxurious gift for a loved one this year, the Rémy Martin collection is your first port of call. The first expression, Rémy Martin VSOP, comes in a sleek green bottle and has notes of liquorice and vanilla. Perfect on its own, it also works well when mixed.

“I like to mix Rémy Martin VSOP into a long drink like the Rémy Grand Tonic, made with tonic water and served in a big wine glass garnished with a lemon wedge,” Brand Ambassador Jack Charlton told us. “It’s delicious in summer, but I also like to use ginger ale instead of tonic during the winter months for a warmer, spicy drink.”

The next expression, Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal, is a smooth, mellow cognac. Aged in toasted French oak casks, its warm flavours work well in winter. “The Rémy Martin 1738 is rich and full on the palate,” Charlton told us. “It has great toasted notes and works very well with chocolate. It’s the perfect addition to anyone’s cognac collection because it adds so much to a cocktail repertoire
– it is perfect in a classic sidecar, the ultimate cognac cocktail.”

The award-winning Rémy Martin XO is the icon of the house. It gives off wonderful notes of orange zest and summer fruits, making it endlessly drinkable and a great gifting option. According to Charlton, it is the ultimate Rémy Martin expression. “It really represents what the house stands for,” he told us. “It’s super complex and aromatic, so it pairs well with anything rich or fatty.”

Food pairings

A super-chilled, almost-frozen glass of Rémy Martin pairs surprisingly well with seafood, like oysters, lobster and sushi. The viscous quality of it when frozen highlights the seafood, awakening its sweet flavours while bringing the same in the cognac to the fore.

Rémy Martin also works wonderfully with full-bodied cheeses like Roquefort and Parmesan, as their aromas pair deliciously with the cognac, which makes it an ideal accompaniment to any Christmas cheeseboard this year.

When Rémy Martin 1738 is complemented with dark chocolate, dried fruit or madeleines it reveals its toasty notes and smoothness. If you have a sweet tooth, try Rémy Martin XO with candied fruits or fresh figs – the fruits bring out the sweetness and floral notes, making for a perfectly balanced pairing.

Perfect cocktail recipes to enjoy this festive period.

Rémy Martin’s signature espresso martini

Serves 1

  • 50ml Rémy Martin 1738
  • 20ml freshly brewed coffee
  • 15ml sugar syrup or honey
  • 10ml coffee liqueur
  • Ice

Chill a martini glass. Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker with ice, shake well and strain into the chilled martini glass.

Rémy sidecar

Serves 1

  • 35ml Rémy Martin 1738
  • 30ml Cointreau
  • 15ml fresh lemon juice
  • Ice
  • Lemon zest, to garnish


Chill a martini glass. Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker with ice, shake well and strain into the chilled martini glass. Garnish with the lemon zest, then enjoy.

Rémy Martin 1738 old fashioned

Serves 1

  • 50ml Rémy Martin 1738
  • 10ml sugar syrup or honey, or one brown sugar cube
  • 3-5 dashes bitters, such as Angostura, chocolate or orange
  • Ice
  • Orange zest and dried fruit to garnish


Add all ingredients, excluding garnish, to a chilled tumbler. Stir together, slowly adding a couple of ice cubes. Garnish with orange zest and dried fruit, then enjoy.

Available at Dunnes, SuperValu and independent off licences.

Brought to you in partnership with Rémy Martin.